Our planet is hiding so many beautiful and undiscovered places. This makes it difficult to decide where to travel next! There are countless vacation spots with beautiful nature or architectural masterpieces or wildlife. There are really endless possibilities and an infinite number of choices. We decided to help you out and suggest a list of some of the best journeys of a lifetime. Just pick one, pack your bags, and off you go!
With our carefully selected bucket list to help you, you won’t get discouraged. You will be full of travel ideas and encouraged to book your trip. You can never travel too much!

1. Egypt’s ancient marvels

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Without a doubt, Egypt is a great place for a vacation. Take a dive into the center of ancient civilization. Start your journey of a lifetime by visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza. Then take a cruise down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and enjoy the marvels of the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo on the way. Don’t forget to include the 2000-year-old city of Karnak on your must-see list. The great pharaohs built this city, and it definitely is worth visiting. Polish off your journey with some unforgettable cultural experiences. Try dining out in a small village such as Al Nazla, Tunis, Nubian or sail on a felucca.

2. Spiritual experience in Himalayas of Nepal

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This will definitely be one of the best journeys of a lifetime! Nepal is quite a famous travel destination that leaves no one unchanged. Its serenity and spirituality fill your soul with new emotions and lifelong memories. There are many trekking tour providers that offer complete experiences, such as:
Sub-tropical jungle trekking tours and elephant experiences,
Everyday cultural experiences like meditation, temples, monasteries, shrines, and Buddha’s birth place.
This will definitely be one of the best journeys of a lifetime!

3. Wildlife connection in Africa

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There is no better place on Earth for experiencing wild animals in their natural habitat! Take a tour through the most renowned national park in Kenya and Tanzania. This park is the right place to go if you want to meet all the “National Geographic” animals! The island of Zanzibar is a magnificent travel idea for water sports and activities. See the magic of the world under water when snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and on ocean safari.

4. One of a kind – Bali

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Jam pack your holidays with all the experiences that Bali has to offer. Make this journey of a lifetime count! Enjoy an all-inclusive Bali experience. Some say that Bali is a beach travel destination, others say it’s a party paradise, well Bali has that and much more. The secret gems of the Balinese nature are like breathtaking postcards. See the canyon of Sukawati, Bukit Teletubbies on Nusa Penida, Melasti beach and much more. There are many secret beaches where you can relax away from the crowds. When in Bali, don’t waste your night with sleep and head to the west coast to visit
some lively spots such as Kuta, Seminyak and Legian. Still not enough? The island itself is also a real surfer’s paradise! You must complement your Balinese experience by trying the famous spit-roast pig “babi guling”, “lawar”, “bebek betutu” and other traditional Balinese dishes.

5. Spectacular Ice Hiking in Patagonia

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Patagonia is a perfect addition to everyone’s travel bucket list. Labelled as one of the trekking capitals of the world, head here for some real South American experiences. This spot is famous for its sheer, endless landscapes that will take your breath away! Make sure you visit both the Argentinian and the Chilean side to get the most from your trip. You can stay on a cattle ranch close to El Calafate in Argentina. It includes hiking tours on the massive Perito Moreno Glacier, crossing the border through the Andes and is set within Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park.

6. Colors of Incredible India

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Another worthy travel idea that will add a bright glow into your grayish routine! Take in the glamorous history and vivid colors of Jaipur – the land of temples and 16th-century palaces. Amber Fort, Palace of the Winds and Mehrangarh Fort are some places you can see! Hop on the luxurious Maharajas Express train to enjoy the views of passing villages, while sipping Indian wine. The train experience includes Udaipur sightseeing and Ranthambore National Park tiger-spotting.

7. Beach Adventure in Australia

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It’s no surprise that Australia well known as a beach travel destination. Water surrounds its never-ending coastline, about 31,000 miles with 11,761 beaches. Everyone can find their own special beach in the country of kangaroos. Wineglass Bay is great for adventurers seeking Tasmanian devils. Cossies beach in Direction Island is a remote paradise nestled in the Indian Ocean. For nature lovers, the so-called Nudey Beach lying just off the coast of Cairns on Fitzroy Island. Rainforest covers 95% of the island. In the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth – Turquoise Bay brags crystal clear waters and living corals. And there’s a myriad of other untouched beaches – great vacation spots for your Australian journey!

8. The Great Walk by the Great Wall of China

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Why should one include the great Wall of China into its’ travel bucket List? 4,000 miles of impressive length and surface area places it among the wonders of the medieval world. It’s also the largest man-made structure ever built! Need more reasons? It’s a destination that offers you a chance to test your fitness, even if you think yourself athletic. At the same time, you will be enjoying phenomenal views through the crowds of tourists. One hell of a challenge and definitely worth visiting!

9. Incredibly Diverse and Unspoiled NZ Scenery

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New Zealand offers an amazing variety of breathtaking natural terrains. You’ll find everything from sub-tropical forests, beaches, to glaciers, rivers, and snowy mountains. Oh and don’t forget its signature fjords, volcanoes, and hot springs. It’s really a paradise on earth, with diversity like nothing else! The country consists of two main islands and many smaller ones. This journey of a lifetime will evoke in you feelings of awe and wonder that will chase you forever!

10. Asian all-in-one in Tokyo

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Japanese culture is a whole new world for anyone coming from the Western world! Here is a short list of travel ideas with some must-do things when in Tokyo:
  • The city is ideal to for trying the unique Japanese cuisine. As the capital city, it combines the widest variety of restaurants and cuisines.
  • It’s same for the national celebrations. This city has it all, from the famous Sakura blooming fest to many Shinto shrine festivals.
  • Another must-do is visiting a tournament of the famous national sport – Sumo.
  • We must not forget about intangible cultural heritage. From Senso-ji – the oldest temple in Tokyo, to the famous Meiji Shrine and Sengakuji Temple – the resting place of 47 Ronin.
  • And, of course, the fabulous shopping experience. Anyone and everyone can find their shopping paradise in Tokyo. Tokyo is full of fun products that are available only in Japan.
Stay tuned for more travel ideas for your travel bucket list and book your flights with ASAP Tickets to get the best-priced airfares out there!

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