Airports do more than just provide runways for take-offs and landings. They also serve to host passengers, store cargo, and carry out plane maintenance. Naturally, the airports at popular destinations and heavily traveled transit points are the busiest.

Whether you’re an avid traveler or just planning your next trip, you may be wondering which airports are the biggest in Europe? So, let’s explore the top 10 biggest airports in Europe.

1. London Heathrow Airport, UK

The top 10 biggest airports in Europe has Heathrow in the driving seat

London Heathrow is not only the UK’s largest airport but also the biggest airport in Europe. It is one of the six international airports serving the London region. In 2023 alone, it handled over 79 million passengers. Four Heathrow terminals are dedicated to traveling passengers, serving flights to 185 destinations. There are 89 airlines offering flights to and from Heathrow. Impressive figures, right? After all, there’s a reason Heathrow is one of the best airports to fly into Europe. Why? High competition and a wide range of available routes ensure cheaper fares for US travelers.

2. Istanbul Airport, Turkey

Istanbul Airport is one of Europe's most busiest airports

Istanbul Airport was extremely busy, with over 76 million passengers visiting, placing it in second spot among the top 10 biggest airports in Europe. However, when looking at the number of daily flights – Istanbul was first in Europe, with an average of 1,375 daily flights. The airport is a major international hub renowned for its grand scale and modern facilities. Opened in 2018, Istanbul Airport quickly became one of the busiest airports in the world. After all, it is a crucial connection point between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

3. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Netherlands

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport lies at the bottom of what was once Haarlemmer Lake, four meters below sea level. In Dutch, the word “Schipol” means ‘main port,’ which highlights the airport’s important role. After all, it’s not only a gateway to the Netherlands but also to neighboring Belgium and the northern part of Germany. The airport serves all top European airlines, including KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, and many more. In 2023, the airport hosted nearly 62 million passengers.

4. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

top 10 biggest airports in europe

Charles de Gaulle in Paris is next on our list of the top 10 biggest airports in Europe. The airport is the fourth-busiest airport in Europe, with 61 million passengers in 2023. It is home to the national airline Air France and is an important hub for low-cost European airlines, such as Norwegian, EasyJet, Vueling, and more.

Thanks to the airport’s extensive airline network and daily non-stop connection to many US cities, you can book cheap flights to Paris. If you are thinking of booking a summer vacation, check our blog on the Best Summer Destinations In Europe for some inspiration.

5. Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain

top busiest airports in europe

Barajas Airport in Madrid is the second-largest airport in Europe by physical size, just slightly behind Charles de Gaulle Airport. Today, the airport operates four terminals. T4 opened in February 2006 and has received many awards praising the design created by the architects Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers. Over 60 million passengers traveled through Barajas airport in 2023.

6. Frankfurt Airport, Germany

cheap flights to europe

Serving Germany’s fifth-largest city, Frankfurt International Airport is the main hub for the German airline Lufthansa and one of the leading suppliers of cheap flights to Europe for travelers from the US. Frankfurt airport is an enormous complex. It includes a shopping mall, Germany’s largest office building, and two Hilton hotels. The airport is conveniently connected to the city center by metro lines S8 and S9, making it a perfect entry point for travelers looking to explore Germany.

7. Barcelona–El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport, Spain

Barcelona El Prat Airport, also known more casually as BCN Airport, is your gateway to the north of Spain and the Mediterranean coast. It’s a great choice for flying into Europe for a couple of reasons. First, El Prat is well-connected to Spain’s second-largest city – Barcelona. Secondly, it offers plenty of activities on the premises. There is a diverse selection of coffee shops, fast food outlets, beer and tapas bars, sandwich and ice cream kiosks, and traditional Catalan and Spanish gourmet eateries. And yes, shopping facilities are also worth mentioning!

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8. Gatwick Airport, UK

One of the top 10 biggest airports in Europe is Gatwick which has seen increased passenger flow in recent years

Gatwick is another airport located close to London, which is very busy. In fact, it is the UK’s second busiest airport and a vital part of the country’s aviation network. Gatwick handles a diverse mix of short and long-haul flights, connecting passengers to destinations across Europe and beyond. The airport has a single-runway operation, which it manages efficiently. In fact, it’s one of the busiest single-runway airports in the world. The facilities at Gatwick include a wide array of shops, restaurants, and services to enhance the travel experience. Last year, over 40 million travelers passed through the airport.

9. Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy

cheapest place to fly into europe

First, you may be curious to learn that Rome airport was the first airport in the world to earn a 5-star COVID-19 Airport Rating. This feat is a great achievement and proves safety measures at Rome airport are top-notch! Fiumicino is the largest airport in Italy and serves as the main hub for Rome. Renowned for its architectural elegance and efficiency, the airport offers extensive international connectivity. Leonardo Da Vinvi-Fiumicino Airport serves as the main hub for ITA Airways, the largest Italian airline, and Vueling, a Spanish low-cost carrier.

10. Munich Airport, Germany

One of the top 10 biggest airports in Europe is Munich Airport

Travelers love Munich Airport for its efficiency and high-quality services. It has consistently ranked as one of the best airports in Europe, serving as a major international hub and facilitating connections to over 200 global destinations via its two terminals. The airport also boasts a unique visitor park, which includes a viewing hill, a miniature golf course, and historical aircraft, making it a popular destination for both travelers and locals. So, it’s no surprise that over 37 million passengers traveled through Munich Airport in 2023.

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