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Paris Olympics 2024 are coming up in less than a year and it's time to start planning your trip to Paris and France.

Paris Olympics 2024: Get Ready for Summer

The Paris Olympics 2024 are fast approaching, and it’s time to start planning your travel to the City of Lights. At this major sporting event, 32 sports will have 329...

Travel to India - Tips for U.S. citizens planning to travel

Travel to India: What U.S. Travelers Need to Do Before the Trip

It’s exciting to travel to India, but you need to prepare for your Indian adventure. We’ve got your 5-step guide on preparing for your trip to India. Read on to...

Neil Island has one of the most beautiful Indian Beaches - Laxmanpur beach

Indian Beaches – Top Spots to Beat the Summer Heat

If you visit India this summer, you need to know the best Indian beaches you can visit to beat the heat. We’ve compiled five of our favorite spots by the...

European music festivals you can attend now. We've got a list of top lesser-known festivals that you can visit

European Music Festivals You Didn’t Know About (But Should Attend!)

European music festivals are renowned for their lineups and amazing locations. It may be hard to score last-minute tickets to some of the biggest music festivals in Europe. But there are...

Voluntourism includes initiatives aimed at saving the ocean

Voluntourism: Traveling to Make a Change

Voluntourism is about traveling to destinations that need volunteer help for better development. It’s similar to ecotourism but focuses more on communities or making a visible change. It includes initiatives...

Fly to Morocco and discover everything the country has to offer

Fly to Morocco With Royal Air Maroc

Morocco is a diverse travel destination with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation, hiking in the mountains, or immersing yourself in the ancient history of civilizations,...