Month: August 2023

Travel to Canada from the U.S.: it's quick, cheap, and beautiful!

Travel to Canada from the U.S.: Trips You Can Take Now

With the summer vacation season coming to a close, most U.S. travelers won’t be going on big trips until the Christmas break. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some...


20 Top Attractions in the Philippines 2023

Our list of top attractions in the Philippines puts to the test the adage, “They say it’s more fun in the Philippines.” Therefore, we hope our carefully chosen destinations, from...


Philippine Airlines Premium Economy

Our new blog will unpack Philippine Airlines’ premium economy service, starting with airport privileges and continuing with what you can expect from your inflight experience. Furthermore, we will look into...

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Icelandair Flights to Europe

Founded in 1937, Icelandair is Iceland’s national flag carrier airline, which services various destinations in Europe, North America, and other parts of the world. In this blog, Icelandair Flights to...

Manila Airport

Flying to Manila with Cheap Flights? Your Guide to the City’s Airports and Beyond

Manila International Airport Guide: Everything You Need to Know If you’re planning a vacation in the Philippines, Manila will likely be your first stop as it’s the country’s capital city...


AA Premium Economy – what can you expect inflight? 2023

In this blog, AA Premium Economy – what can you expect inflight? We will look into the perks, privileges, and amenities you can expect if you upgrade to AA airline’s...