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Hassle-free air travel is just a read away - read our guide and travel in confidence!

Your Guide to Hassle-Free Air Travel in 2024

Are you looking to travel hassle-free in 2024? Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first trip, the complexities of modern travel demand smarter planning strategies. In this guide,...


9 Things You Should Know About Booking with an Online Travel Agent Instead of Using a Flight Search

Booking with an Online Travel Agent Instead of Using a Flight Search, question 1. When was the last time you called a travel agent?  It may have been a while,...

Are last minute flights cheaper?

If You Book Last-Minute Flights – Is It Cheaper Than Booking in Advance?

“Book last-minute flights – they are cheaper….” Have you ever heard that? Inquiries and bookings for Christmas and New Year 2022 are already in full swing. We wanted to share some...

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What is the Best Way to Book International Flights?

Flying internationally is not such a common thing for the majority of us. That’s usually a trip or two a year if you’re lucky enough, so making the whole process...


Cairo Travel Blog: Travel Around Cairo Like a REAL Egyptian

Read travel agent Lorraine’s Cairo travel blog about her trip to Egypt’s capital – Cairo. It’s a beautiful city with a magnificent history. You definitely have to visit Cairo to see...

ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Zander

5 Minutes With An ASAP Tickets Travel Agent

Recently, we brought together some of the top-rated ASAP Tickets travel agents, and we asked them a few questions! Meet our first interviewee, Zander, who has been an ASAP Tickets...