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Holi festival is the brightest celebration in India

Travel to India for Holi Festival

Holi Festival is one of India’s favorite celebrations among Indians and visitors to the country. The Holi Festival is the country’s brightest and most festive holiday! Ready to experience the joy...

Qatar Airways India Destinations

Qatar Airways Indian Destinations

Qatar Airways has a 5-star rating and an award-winning cabin crew. Furthermore, its economy class came in 2nd at this year’s Skytrax awards. This blog, Qatar Airways Indian Destinations, combines...

Travel to India - Tips for U.S. citizens planning to travel

Travel to India: What U.S. Travelers Need to Do Before the Trip

It’s exciting to travel to India, but you need to prepare for your Indian adventure. We’ve got your 5-step guide on preparing for your trip to India. Read on to...

Air India has several non-stop flights

Where Does Air India Fly To?

Air India is India’s flag carrier serving 40 international destinations and 46 destinations domestically. If you need to travel to or inside India, Air India will take you there. Its...

Neil Island has one of the most beautiful Indian Beaches - Laxmanpur beach

Indian Beaches – Top Spots to Beat the Summer Heat

If you visit India this summer, you need to know the best Indian beaches you can visit to beat the heat. We’ve compiled five of our favorite spots by the...


A Guide to Taking a Vacation in India

The question is in the title, why should you vacation in India? Well, we will answer that question by examining India’s rich cultural heritage, incredible landscapes, culinary delights, traditions, and...