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There is a lot of trust involved when making the decision to work with a new travel agency. You might be asking yourself a few questions like “Is ASAP Tickets a scam?” or “Is ASAP Tickets legit?”. To help ease your concerns we would like to briefly introduce you to our company and its history. We have also put together an overview of ASAP Tickets reviews posted by our customers on popular independent review websites such as TrustPilot and BBB.
It’s easy to get lost in the wild jungles of the internet, so we have created our own platform for ASAP Tickets Reviews, where you will be able to see ratings and reviews from the most popular and trustworthy review platforms as well from ASAP Tickets direct customers. Read more about our reviews website here.
ASAP Tickets is a travel agency based in California that has been operating since 2001 and is certified by all major US business and travel institutions. We have ever-evolving partnerships with many airlines and travel suppliers, allowing us to access the best ticket prices and last minute deals. These exclusive flight deals are unavailable online, but our travel agents will do all the work to find them for you and make your personalized itinerary.

Our travel agents

Our agents work 24/7 and are glad to assist you with booking any type of flight, be it one-way, round-trip or multi-city. During the past year, our team has sold over 150,000 tickets and once again demonstrated that the thousands of positive ASAP Tickets testimonials are indeed well earned. Our travel agents speak English, and also Spanish, Tagalog, Cebuano, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Hebrew, Pidgin, Igbo, Yoruba, Swahili, Ibibio, Arabic, Lebanese, Syrian, and others.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agents are people who share a common passion for travel and are dedicated to go the extra mile to provide travelers with impeccable customer service. We would like you to meet some of them to learn why they love what they do and how they can help you with your travel arrangements.
Most Reviewed ASAP Tickets Travel Agents
ASAP tickets reviews
Rufus is a dedicated and highly professional travel expert who truly feels the essence of what good customer service is all about. He knows when to provide more options for the flight, how to help you navigate all the choices and when to step back to give you some time to make a well-thought-out decision. It’s a rare talent that both the company and the travelers highly appreciate!
ASAP tickets reviews
Asia is a valuable member of ASAP Tickets Agents team, who always finds a way out even if it seems that nothing works out right. She once had a group travelling from Honolulu to South Africa and all the flights matching their requirements had really long layovers which, naturally, made them quite unhappy. Nevertheless Asia managed to come up with an unexpected offer that turned out to be a perfect solution - cheap flight via Dubai with an unforgettable 2 day mini-vacation instead of an exhausting layover.
ASAP tickets reviews
Blaire is a valuable part of the ASAP Tickets Agents team! Watching him handling patiently even the most difficult cases is a true pleasure. He once had a senior customer who has just started using a smartphone and needed a lot of guidance while arranging the payment. Blaire assisted her on the phone for 2 hours, helped to get things sorted out and they have been friends ever since.
ASAP tickets reviews
Effy is a hardworking agent with an outstanding personality. She will always go an extra mile to find the lowest airfares for her customers, make sure the flight fits all their needs and requirements. Her toughest work challenge so far was to arrange a flight for a group of 27 students and even though there were countless things to consider, she performed on a highest level. Many 5* ASAP Tickets reviews come as a direct result of Effy’s impeccable work!
ASAP tickets reviews
Parvesh is an easy-going person with impeccable sense of humor, however he is dead serious when it comes to researching flight deals for his customers. He brings tremendous focus and professionalism to all his assignments and does so with flair and enthusiasm. His remarkable ability to organize information and perform research is what makes Parvesh one of Top ASAP Tickets travel agents.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agents
Brenda is an easy-going and energy-filled ASAP Tickets agents that can instantly bring a smile to your face and light up your day. The customer service she provides to travelers is impeccable and her role in the overall success of our sales team is hard to overestimate!
ASAP Tickets agents reviews
Reed loves to help customers out in any way he can. He is especially passionate about helping people to visit their families that they haven’t seen in a long time.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Charlie
Charlie is very professional and diligent travel agent and knows how to deliver the best service for ASAP Tickets customers. Traveling has always been his passion - as a kid he used to spend hours every day just looking at an atlas and thinking about how cool it would be to travel around the world. Now he can fulfill that dream and get to help other people do the same.
Mamun - ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Review
Mamun is an excellent and very efficient ASAP Tickets agent, he is endowed with a genuine ability to help people and make them feel comfortable. Once he had a senior customer, who was totally new to making online payments and in order to finalize the trip, he helped her to get things sorted out for more than an hour. Since that day she became his friend and calls him whenever she needs any assistance regarding airline tickets for herself or her friends and family.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Review - Amir
Amir is one of the most patient ASAP Tickets agents, in his daily work he always strives to achieve total customer satisfaction. This results in many excellent ASAP Tickets reviews. Once he had a client that said she didn’t know when she wants to travel or how long she wants to stay. She kept calling him every month just to chat and get advice. After one year of this, she eventually bought a ticket!
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent - Surya G
Surya is one of ASAP Tickets' top travel agents. Because of his self-motivation, punctuality, and passion for work, he is great at a career he loves. There is no itinerary or situation too difficult for him, he accepts challenges with pleasure in order to expand his knowledge and skills to serve even better for his regular and new customers.
Brandon is very diligent and has a high sense of responsibility. He finds each and every customer request unique and interesting. Brandon always tries to find the correct approach to fulfill all requirements of his clients, and he has proven this by getting a very high percentage of good and excellent reviews from ASAP Tickets customers.
Sansa has a positive and dynamic personality and she is a true asset of ASAP Tickets. While communicating with her, customers always feel comfortable like they are speaking with a good friend who gives useful advice. She has a lot of returning clients and we believe this is because of her ability to adapt to every situation, understand the specific needs and of course be positive at all times.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Layla
Layla has a great experience in building long-term relationships with her dearest ASAP Tickets customers, always meeting the highest travel service expectations. Once she had a customer, who didn’t know where their final destination would be and was asking for advice to make the choice easier. Layla worked together with the client for a couple of weeks on flights, hotels and travel programs until she created the perfect trip.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Chuck
Chuck is one of the most experienced ASAP Tickets agents. He is well educated about the industry and can share a great feedback about ASAP Tickets products and services. His competitive spirit helps with reaching new heights as well as providing the best service for his customers.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Paul
Paul calls himself a personal dream facilitator, as whatever the destination is, he has the skills to find the best and the most affordable flights. Paul is very patient, self-motivated and has the ability assure the most skeptical travelers, turning them into regular and satisfied ASAP Tickets customers.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Clement
Clement likes helping people and always is honest in his dealings. He believes that one of the most important things in customer service is mutual trust and loyalty. Clement is a good listener, highly empathic person and always delivers ASAP Tickets customers what was promised and even exceeds their expectations.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Hazel
Hazel is really friendly and easy-going, but don't let it fool you - she is an expert in the travel industry! Hazel is always ready to deal with any issues or challenges and will make sure to find the best solution. ASAP Tickets customers who have entrusted their travel arrangements to Hazel always receive the best service from the most diligent and reliable agent.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Nancy
Nancy is always happy to explain everything and patiently guide ASAP Tickets customers through the booking process. If a customer has any concerns or issues, she is always putting herself in their shoes to understand the situation better and help to take the stress away. Nancy has a great learning mentality that drives her to learn new things every day.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Flem
Flem is one of the most valuable ASAP Tickets agents. He has a true passion for work and providing the best customer service possible. Flem treats every customer as the only one and is never tired of taking care of their needs. His efforts are appreciated through the excellent reviews from ASAP Tickets customers. Once Flem had a client that offered him to marry her daughter, this surely can be an indicator of trust.
ASAP Tickets Reviews And Testimonials
April 10, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Clement is a great agent, he goes above and beyond to see that he connect me with the best flight at a great price. Thank you
Nigeria Lagos (LOS) → United States Syracuse (SYR)
April 10, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Ms. Brenda is exceptional professional, courteous, and very help through out the booking process.
United States Washington (WAS) → Nigeria Lagos (LOS)
March 29, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Excellent attention to detail and persistence when things changed. Follow up by Flem was just great
United States Washington (WAS) → Italy Bari (BRI)
March 25, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Brandon was very patient with an 80 yo!! And very helpful. Thank you. I am not your first time customer! that proves something,no?
United Kingdom London (LON) → United States Newark (EWR)
March 22, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Paul was extremely helpful and patient with me, when I did not understand he did not get frustrated... that made me feel comfortable in this new adventure
United States Los Angeles (LAX) → Ghana Accra (ACC)