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ASAP Tickets Travel Agent Paul
I love traveling, exploring different places and making friends from all around the world. Before joining ITN, I worked with graphic design, programming, online promotion, and translations. My experience with ASAP Tickets is amazing - after three months of working here, I became a team leader and constantly develop myself to reach new targets. One interesting fact about me - I am a verified English-Arabic translator by Twitter with a blue verified badge on my account.
ASAP Tickets Agent’s specialization
All destinations and any type of flights.
About Paul
Paul calls himself a personal dream facilitator, as whatever the destination is, he has the skills to find the best and the most affordable flights. Paul is very patient, self-motivated and has the ability assure the most skeptical travelers, turning them into regular and satisfied ASAP Tickets customers.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agents Reviews
July 31, 2021
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Paul was very professional, caring and committed to finding and getting me the best deal.
July 14, 2021
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Paul was very resourceful and knowledgeable and assisted in every facet possible.
April 29, 2021
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Paul was excellent. He helped me get this ticket.
February 1, 2021
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Thank you so much Paul you are very nice person
January 14, 2021
From ASAP Tickets reviews on  
Paul has always been patient and helpful to meet my travel needs. I usually travel to work on green development projects and exploring indigenous wisdom and practices in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Mexico and Bangladesh. I am 75 year old "retiree" and I pay a lot of my own way in large part but my community also supports my work too. I save a lot of money that I can spend on the ground in countries I visit. I really appreciate Paul's friendly manners and attention to details during this very stressful time in the world with so much changing constantly.
Thank you for your kind reviews - ASAP Tickets
Paul thanks you for your encouragement and support!