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Travel has always been one of my passions, others are basketball and music. My experience of working at ASAP Tickets is really amazing. This job has taught me a lot of things that are really hard to learn in your daily life and it also changed my point of view in communicating with people and resolving problems. The best thing I've learned is to focus on solutions rather than worrying about the problem. I believe that by using this simple formula, one will surely succeed in life and won't be afraid of any problems.
ASAP Tickets Agent’s specialization
Group and family flights, last-minute flights, flights to Europe.
About Hobbs
Hobbs knows how to provide an efficient and personalized service. This combination has helped him to gain loads of regular customers. If you are looking for fast responses, travel recommendations and a caring guidance throughout the whole flight booking process, ask for Hobbs. ASAP Tickets is truly proud to have him in our travel agents team.
ASAP Tickets Travel Agents Reviews
February 9, 2021
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Hobbs is outstanding, very professional. We highly recommend.
Republic of South Africa Cape Town (CPT) → United States Minneapolis (MSP)
January 12, 2021
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Hobbs is the best professional and listens to my travel needs
United States Little Rock (LIT) → Philippines Manila (MNL)
January 4, 2021
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Hobbs is been booking tickets for us years and we highly recommend him!
United States Kansas City (MKC) → The Gambia Banjul (BJL)
October 13, 2020
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Hobbs was very educational when I didnt understand all the information. he took the time to break everything down for me and was very patient.
United States San Francisco (SFO) → Philippines Manila (MNL)
September 15, 2020
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Hobbs was the best!!!!! He was knowledgable, kind, and very good as following up. I was so pleased with his service.
Thank you for your kind reviews - ASAP Tickets
Hobbs appreciates all the feedback ASAP Tickets customers share. It helps him to grow professionally and serve his clients even better.