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Layovers can seem to be too long or too short. Plan your ideal trip with ASAP Tickets!

Layovers 101: Planning Your Connecting Flights

If it’s your first time going on a longer trip with a layover, you may wonder how long your layovers should be. Is a 2-hour layover too short? Or will...

Christmas travel - When are the busiest travel dates?

When Are the Busiest Christmas Travel Dates?

Christmas is a time for family gatherings and festive celebrations, but once the day is over, you may want to embark on some Christmas travel. Is Boxing Day a busy...

winter sun, hot destinations in january

Hot Places To Go In February In Europe

As winter’s chill persists, February offers a perfect opportunity to escape to warmer European destinations that promise mild temperatures and an array of exciting activities. So lets check out our...

Iceland is one of the best places to visit in Europe in December

Best Places to Visit in Europe in December: Winter Destinations

Europe is a great destination at any time of the year, so we’ve prepared the best places to visit in Europe in December! Book your last-minute flight to the old...


Cheap flights to China: PRO tips & tricks

What is the best time to fly to China? The number of international tourism arrivals in China is increasing in recent years. Travelers are turning their toes towards China for...

cheap flights to china

A Guide To Chinese New Year 2024 & Affordable Adventures With Cheap Flights To China!

As the Year of the Wood Dragon prepares to dawn, the vibrant Chinese New Year 2024 celebration beckons, promising a tapestry of traditions, colors, and joy. The lunar-based festival falls...