Christmas is a time for family gatherings and festive celebrations, but once the day is over, you may want to embark on some Christmas travel. Is Boxing Day a busy travel day? Or should you wait for the weekend to travel out of state or country? What can you expect at the airport? This article will answer these questions and offer a few simple travel tips.

Busiest Christmas Travel Dates

If you travel on Christmas Day, you'll actually avoid the crowds!

Everybody knows that the Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times to travel. Does the same happen on the Sunday after Christmas? Or on Boxing Day, the day after the big holiday? What about Christmas Day itself?

If you’re planning a last-minute trip on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you’re in luck! These are the least busy days for Christmas travel.

The situation changes on Boxing Day and stays busy until New Year’s Eve.

But unlike Thanksgiving, there isn’t a direct connection to days of the week because it depends on the day Christmas falls on in a given year. In 2023, Christmas is going to be on a Monday. Since it’s at the beginning of the week, our agents are seeing increased bookings on Boxing Day (Tuesday) and December 27 (Wednesday). The reasoning is that travelers want to maximize their opportunities and either return home or embark on their journey in the first half of the week.

Fridays are usually the busiest travel dates on any given week. So, you can expect crowds at the airport on the Friday before Christmas (December 22). For post-Christmas travel, Friday, December 29, is also likely to be hot. This is the day most people traveling to celebrate New Year’s in another city will be flying.

You need to remember that if you’re considering a trip during this period, it’s crucial to plan ahead. Book your flights and accommodations as soon as possible to obtain better prices and travel on your chosen flights. Because these dates are in high demand, available seats will be limited.

Christmas Travel: Airport Expectations

If you travel after Christmas, expect to stand in lines.

Understanding what to expect at the airport during the post-Christmas travel rush is vital to a stress-free journey. You won’t be surprised or stressed if you come expecting long lines at check-in counters and security checkpoints. You’ll also know to arrive early. If your flight has online check-in available, check in online and save some time on at least one airport line. If you’re checking your luggage, you’ll still have to drop it off.

Another factor to prepare for is the weather. Some snow or freezing rain here or there can lead to flight delays. Even another late flight can delay your flight. Stay informed about your flight status by checking the airline website and airport information. However, do make sure to check in to your flight. Even if there’s a delay, the airline expects you to check in and (usually) arrive at the airport. If there’s a longer delay, the airline may inform you that you can come later. But only arrive later if explicitly instructed by the airline to do so.

Finally, with all the hectic travel, luggage can get misplaced. So pack essentials in your carry-on, including medications, chargers, and a change of clothes. This will cover you in case of unforeseen delays or lost luggage.

Travel Tips for a Smooth Journey

  1. Flexible Dates: Consider flying on less popular travel days to avoid crowds and high prices. So, you may want to avoid Friday travel. If you can, sidestep traveling on Boxing Day or December 27.
  2. Pack Light: Opt for a carry-on to save time at the airport and minimize the risk of lost luggage. If you don’t need to check bags, that’s another airport line you don’t need to stand in!
  3. Holiday Spirit: Embrace the festive atmosphere by packing a small holiday decoration or wearing a Christmas-themed accessory, such as a holiday sweater. It’ll lift your spirits and those around you, especially the airport staff and airline crews! They deserve all our support during the hectic Christmas travel season.
  4. Travel Insurance: Protect your trip with travel insurance to mitigate potential disruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Last-minute Flights

Last-minute flights are available, so plan your post-Christmas getaway today!

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Christmas Travel: Conclusion

As you embark on your Christmas travel adventure, armed with information on peak travel dates and airport expectations, remember that careful planning is the key to a joyful journey.

Whether you’re off to explore the enchanting streets of a German Christmas market or about to enjoy the warmth of family closer to home, make the most of every moment! Embrace the holiday spirit, stay flexible in your plans, and travel with peace of mind, knowing you’re well-prepared for the festive season’s unique challenges. May your Christmas journey be filled with unforgettable experiences and the joy of discovery.

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Safe travels and happy holidays!

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