If you’re looking for the best Christmas markets in Europe, then Germany must be on your list!

Read on to learn about some of the best Christmas markets in Europe, which you’ll find in Germany!

What are Christmas Markets?

What we know as Christmas Markets today come from the German Christkindlmarkt, which literally means Christ Child Market.

The tradition of hosting Christmas markets in Germany goes back to the 1500s when Martin Luther suggested children should receive gifts from the Christ Child. Hence, the Geman name Christkindlmarkt. Christmas markets are ubiquitous in Europe today, with German Christmas markets being some of the best.

German Christmas Markets 2023

Because of its size, Germany has the largest number of Christmas markets in Europe. Every city and village has one. You could travel to Germany and pick a random town, and you’re bound to find a Christmas market there. Below are our top picks!

Leipzig Christmas Market in Germany

Leipzig Chrismas Market

Leipzig’s Christkindlmarkt is the oldest in the world, and it’s also huge! The Christmas market festivities occur in the city’s Marktplatz, where you’ll find over 250 stalls.

Come to the Leipzig Christmas market to pick up your gifts from Germany, enjoy culinary treats, and attend one of the many concerts at the Market Square. The market runs until December 23, so if you haven’t booked your Christmas getaway yet, now’s the time to book your flight!

In the evening, the Christmas markets in Germany light up creating even more magic.

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg’s Christkindlmarkt is also one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe. It is held in the city’s main market square and is a major tourist draw. Like at any German Christmas market, you can pick up many gifts made by local craftsmen.

But don’t forget to satisfy your tastebuds too! Taste the original Nuremberg Bratwurst, which made the city known worldwide. The recipe for Nurenberg’s sausage goes back as far as 1300, so you must taste it at least once. In 2023, the Christmas market in Nurenberg will run until December 24.

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The Christmas Market in Cologne (Koln) is by the city's spectacular cathedral.

Cologne Christmas Market

Having started to host its markets in 1820, Cologne was late to join the tradition of Christmas markets in Germany. But now the city has several markets spread across the city. Some take place in late November, and others follow in December.

The Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market will take place until December 23 this year. Like all the markets, you can expect gifts, treats, crafts, and the beautiful Cologne Cathedral.

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a beautiful medieval town in Germany.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas Market

One of Germany’s most picturesque Christmas Markets is the one in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This Bavarian town is a fantastic monument to Medieval times, having been so well preserved. Explore the walled town and walk its cobblestone roads.

Once the Christmas market opens, the town becomes a magical fairy-tale-like place. You’ll find the market at the city’s market square across from the town hall. It will be open until December 23. By the way, the town also has a German Christmas Museum that’s open year-round!

To get to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, you’ll need to fly to StuttgartFrankfurt, or Munich and drive or take a train. If you’re traveling from the U.S., we suggest traveling to Frankfurt because it’s a huge international hub, so you can get more affordable flights.

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Berlin is full of Christmas Markets during the winter holidays

Berlin Christmas Market

Berlin is your ultimate Christmas destination because you’ll find over a hundred markets scattered across Germany’s capital. One of our favorite markets in Berlin is the Berlin City Hall Market. Enjoy more than shopping and tasting treats here. There is an ice rink, the famous Ferris wheel, and other attractions!

Unlike the other cities on our list, this Christmas market will be open through January 7 of next year!

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Christmas markets in Germany are worth a visit to experience the wintertime magic of the holidays. Each city and town has its distinct feel. If you’ve ever visited Christmas markets in Europe, you know what to expect, but each market is unique.

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