The crazy festive season, otherwise known as the Christmas holidays, is ahead of us. If you’re flying anywhere during this time, we’ve collected holiday travel tips you need to know to make your travel experience easy and fully enjoyable. 

holiday travel tips❄ Book early

Our holiday travel tips include following the golden rule for air travel without stress. First of all, book hotels, airfares, and cars early, as you will get the best deals, availability, and easy holiday travel! Last-minute bookers pay 15 percent more than travelers who book in advance. 

Be flexible

Another festive season travel tip is to avoid peak travel days if your schedule allows. Leaving a few days early and staying a day longer can save you a lot of money and time spent on travel, consider flying on the holiday itself when there are light air traffic and low prices.

☃ Watch the weather 

Winter holidays often mean rain, snow, wind, or ice, bringing air delays exactly when you get ready to fly. Watch weather reports and protect your plans. Airlines usually cancel all change fees before major weather events or storms and offer flexible travel policies to allow passengers to delay their trip to a later date or adjust arrangements for no additional fees to an earlier date. You may even be able to choose an alternative destination. Holiday airport travel tip: checking the weather will also help you to choose the right clothes and avoid overweight luggage. 

holiday travel tips Consider alternate airports

Holiday airport travel tips include flying in and out of traditionally less crowded airports, which is one way to beat the crowds and reduce stress during the holidays. You can also enjoy a trip to an unknown airport. This might also be worth exploring the unfamiliar area. What if it has amazing landmarks or wonderful dining options?

holiday travel tipsDownload travel apps

Equip your mobile phone with helpful travel applications before you head to the airport, including one for your airline to track flight schedules and help with fast bookings. Other mobile apps: an option to book a hotel if you are stuck at your destination or need to book an airport hotel, an option to rent a car, and airport maps. Consider adding Yelp or Tripadvisor for restaurant options, Lyft or Uber for car service, and any weather option. All the apps will turn your phone into a virtual travel agent in an emergency. Ensure that your phone is charged with all relevant telephone and emergency numbers and pre-downloaded routes.

Pack smart

Never pack anything in your checked baggage that you can’t live without. This usually includes medication, personal hygiene products, phones, and glasses. Think of all the necessities that should always be in your carry-on bag. Don’t forget to carry chargers and portable electronics. You might consider bringing a book and snacks on board. Additionally, make sure you don’t take clothing items and other things you don’t need; try to pack light. 

Our best Christmas travel tip is not to fly with presents. Mail them instead, bring gift cards, or have them shipped by Amazon! Don’t wrap the presents, they could possibly be unwrapped by security to take a look.

The holiday season is one of the busiest travel times of the year, so expect heavy traffic and leave plenty of time to reach your destination safely. Join the holiday travel season with the expectation that it will be unpredictable and probably full of challenges. Breathe deeply and use the long queues as an opportunity to catch up on your emails; make it part of the journey. We hope you found our festive season travel tips insightful. Happy Holidays! 

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