Travelers visit Nigeria to see Lagos, Abuja, Calabar, and other awesome cities in the country. But Nigeria also has many beautiful beaches and great parks that are worth visiting.

We’ve got our picks for places to visit in Nigeria, whether you want to visit a city, park, or beach.

Visit Nigeria: Cities

Nigeria’s cities are great tourist destinations offering a good mix of history, culture, and entertainment.

Visit Nigeria and see similar sunsets over Lagos Island.
Lagos Island, Nigeria

Lagos and Lekki

The city of Lagos is considered to be Africa’s cultural, financial, and entertainment capital. And it’s on the bucket list of any traveler to Africa. We’ve included Lekki because it’s right next to Lagos and is located in Lagos State. You’ll be flying to Lagos even if you plan to spend most of your time in Lekki. Although there is a proposed project to build an airport in Lekki.

Lagos is a city with great nightlife with many clubs and bars. It’s also the city where most Nigerian performers and artists reside. As a result, it has the best arts scene in the country, and you’ll be able to find something to do on any given night.

You’ll want to visit Lekki to visit such locations as the Lekki Conservation Center and participate in water activities like kayaking or enjoying a day at one of its many beaches.

Lekki is also a very artistic place, and the LVI Art Gallery is a top spot for some fascinating art at a reasonable price. It’s also a great place to spend the afternoon playing a board game and getting inspired by all the artwork on display.

If you’re feeling creative, how about going on a Sip and Paint experience? A teacher will guide your group and help you express yourself through painting while sipping a pleasant cocktail or mocktail. The studio is located in Lekki, so it could be a nice evening activity after spending time outdoors or at the beach.


Visit Nigeria to go to the Abuja National Mosque.
Aerial view of the Abuja National Mosque

Because of all the hustle and bustle in Lagos, people often mistake it to be the capital of Nigeria. In fact, the country’s capital is Abuja. And it’s another great Nigerian destination loved by tourists.

The grandiose Abuja National Mosque is a must-visit. So is the Nigerian National Christian Centre. Both are architecturally-stunning places of prayer, open to the public. They’re also a great symbol of the religious diversity of Nigeria.

Aso Rock and Zuma Rock are both located nearby Abuja. They’re impressive to witness from a distance and up close. It’s possible to climb Zuma Rock with a group. There is an annual Aso Rock Climb, so check your travel dates and see if you can partake. Because of the rock’s significance, it is an exceptional event.

You’ll spot Aso Rock from Abuja, as it’s omnipresent in the city skyline. It will, however, take you about 30 minutes to reach it. Zuma Rock is further off, and you’ll need to drive for about 45 minutes.

Another local tourist favorite is Millenium Park, the largest public park in Abuja. Its beautiful gardens, scenic walkways, and recreational facilities will let you enjoy yourself and relax.

With many connecting flights, it’s possible to find cheap flights to Abuja, so check with your travel agent.


Located in Cross River State, Calabar is a historically-significant city. During colonial times, it was a major trading hub, and you can still see remnants of this historical past in its architecture and landmark.

Once the headquarters of the colonial administration, the Old Residency Museum is a great place to visit to learn about the country’s colonial history. You’ll also find the Slave History Museum nearby, located on a former slave trade point. It teaches tourists and locals about the transatlantic slave trade of the past.

The city loves big parties, and if you’re lucky to visit in December, you can participate in Africa’s Biggest Street Party: the Calabar Carnival, which lasts an entire month!

While in the area, you can also visit the Cross River National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit Nigeria: Beaches

Barracuda Beach in Lekki

Barracuda Beach in Nigeria

This is a great private beach in Lekki. Many visitors come for a day at the beach, while others stay overnight at the resort. Like any private beach/resort, you’ll find a great restaurant and lounge here. There is a soccer pitch, a basketball court, a lounge, and places to buy finger foods. While not all private beaches allow you to bring your own food, Barracuda allows it, so feel free to picnic by the ocean when you visit.

Finima Beach in Rivers State

Located on Bonny Island, this gorgeous beach is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll get amazing sunset views here. The waters are clear and ideal for snorkeling. This beach is one for lovers of nature. Also located on Bonny Island is the Finima Nature Park, another top destination in Nigeria (see below).

La Campagne Tropicana in Lekki

Located in Lekki, a short drive from Lagos, La Campagne Tropicana is a great beach and resort for well-deserved downtime. There are many activities on offer: you can canoe, hike, go ocean fishing, and swim. Enjoy a day at the sandy beach, or stay at the resort for a few days before heading to Nigeria’s parks or cities.

Visit Nigeria: Parks

African elephants can be spotted at the Yankari Game Reserve.

Gashaka-Gumti National Park

This is Nigeria’s largest park and an absolute must-visit for nature lovers. The landscapes here are mesmerizing, and you can explore two of the country’s highest mountains. The Chappal Wadi (Mountain of Death) and the Chappal Hendu (Mountain of Wind) are both located on the park’s territory.

Enjoy its rich forests and wildlife, including roebucks, antelopes, chimpanzees, and African elephants. It’s also home to over a million birds.

Finima Nature Park

Finima Nature Park in Bonny Island is a beautiful park offering nature’s best. You’ll get to explore a vast expanse of natural landscapes, showcasing the beauty of Nigeria’s biodiversity.

The highlight of the park is its diverse range of flora and fauna. Lush mangrove forests, vibrant orchids, and towering trees create a picturesque backdrop as you explore the park. Like in any Nature Park in Nigeria, you’ll see many different birds, so get your camera ready!

Because the park is located on an island, you take a boat tour through the winding waterways. The park is perfect for picnics, meditation, or simply unwinding amidst nature’s embrace. Once you’re done at the park, you can head out to Finima Beach end enjoy the warm waters of the Atlantic.

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State will provide an extraordinary wildlife experience. The reserve covers an area of 1,394 square miles and is renowned for its rich biodiversity and diverse ecosystem.

The main attraction at Yankari Game Reserve is obviously its wildlife. When you visit, you’ll see majestic African elephants freely roaming alongside lions, buffalo, and leopards. Over 350 bird species also call the Yankari Game Reserve their home. So there’s something to see for everyone, not to mention the park’s captivating nature.

Yankari has several activities for tourists. The warm natural springs within the reserve provide an opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries amidst stunning surroundings. You can take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or bask in the calm surroundings. You can go on a hike or a guided walk.

If you love wildlife, scenic landscapes and want a swim in natural springs, Yankari is definitely for you! You can go all-in with a safari or take a walk and explore the natural surroundings.

Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located near Calabar. Visit to see gorillas and drill monkeys and visit the coast’s beaches.

Cross River National Park can boast one of the oldest rainforests in Africa, which has been identified as a biodiversity hot spot. As a result, the park has become one of the country’s ecotourism spots, focusing on preservation and protection.


Nigeria is an amazing destination offering both urban experiences and nature opportunities. This guide should be your starting point when you visit Nigeria because the “Giant of Africa” is huge and offers many sights and experiences. You can always use a travel agent to book flights and ask for their recommendations. Our agents are true travel experts and know Nigeria inside-out and can find the cheapest flights available! Call us now at 844-300-7983 to get your personalized itinerary designed by your personal travel agent. You can also get a free quote by submitting a request form.

Many top carriers, including Delta Air Lines, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airlines, and Turkish Airlinesfly to Nigeria, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

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