When you hear this word the first thing that comes to mind is probably the famous movie and those crazy lemurs. Yet this huge island is so much more than that!
Madagascar has unique plants and animals, many of which are only found there. While officially an island, some scientists refer to Madagascar as the ‘eighth continent’. Madagascar is one of the safest countries in Africa. This makes it a perfect travel destination for those seeking an exotic but risk-free experience.
If you need more reasons to travel to Madagascar, here are 10 interesting facts about this nation!

#1 It’s the Fourth Largest Island in the World

Madagascar Aerial View - Travel to Madagascar

Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island behind Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo. (Australia is considered a continental land-mass).

#2 Madagascar Has Animals Like Nowhere Else

Madagascar Swamp - Travel to Madagascar

More than 80% of all plants and animals on Madagascar are endemic to this island and aren’t found in any other corner of the world.

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#3 Madagascar is the Leading Vanilla Producer

Madagascar is the world’s primary producer of vanilla - Travel to Madagascar

Madagascar is the world’s primary producer of one of the most popular spices – vanilla.

#5 There is a Stone Forest in Madagascar

Tsingy stone forest in Madagascar - Travel to Madagascar

There is a stone forest on Madagascar called Tsingy. Tsingy is an area with razor-sharp limestone formations. Centuries of wind, rain, and tectonic activity shaped the rock into thin columns you see today.

#6 Madagascar Has No Venomous Snakes

Green Tree Snake - Travel to Madagascar

Madagascar is home to a lot of different species of snakes, however, none of them are venomous.

#7 It’s Just as Beautiful as the Movie ‘Madagascar’

Madagascar Coast - Travel to Madagascar

Despite the popular Pixar movie, there are actually no lions, giraffes, hippos or zebras. But don’t worry, you’ll see other animals like nowhere else in the world.

#8 Madagascar – the Red Island

Madagascar is known as the Red Island - Travel to Madagascar

The Red Island is another name for Madagascar because of its soil that has a very distinctive red hue.

#4 There Are So Many Lemurs in Madagascar

Lemurs are sacred animals in Madagascar - Travel to Madagascar

Lemurs are sacred animals in Madagascar. They are deeply revered and worshipped by the Malagasy people.

#9 It’s the Most Inexpensive Holiday Destination

Madagascar beach -Travel to Madagascar

This country is one of the most inexpensive holiday destinations in the world due to the low prices for the majority of goods and services. Especially outside of the big cities.

#10  The Famous Koba Snack Comes from Madagascar

Koba Snack Madagascar - Travel to Madagascar

One of Madagascar’s most popular and tasty snacks is Koba. Koba is a delicious mix of rice, peanuts, and banana turned into a silky pâté.

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  1. That is really cool that Madagascar has a stone forest called Tsingy. That would be really cool to see the limestone formations that are there. It looks like a really cool place. I will have to see if my husband would be interested in going.

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