Knowing when the cheapest time to travel to Africa from the US is quite a challenge – even for a savvy traveler. Putting aside direct flights from the US to Africa, even one or two-stop flights are $500+ during the low season and $1000+ when the season is in full swing. And that’s only talking about East Coast departures. However, this doesn’t mean you should forget about having a heart-warming family reunion in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, or whichever country your loved ones live in! Especially as ASAP Tickets offer cheap flights to Africa for as little as $445* on round trips. 

When is the cheapest time to travel to Africa?

Besides the obvious (basic rules for booking plane tickets to Africa) and the not-so-obvious (like unpublished airfares) ways to minimize the costs of flights, there are at least three more separate tips that usually only travel agents know. Luckily, we are African Travel Experts willing to share our secrets with you!

African Travel Experts - African Travel Agent - When is the cheapest time to travel to Africa?

Secret Tip #1 – Don’t forget about Ramadan

Some airlines operating flights to Africa, like Royal Air Maroc or Turkish Airlines, offer layovers in Muslim countries. These routes are usually convenient and, even more importantly, very cost-effective all year round. However, they get surprisingly overpriced during the month of Ramadan, when a lot of people travel back home for the month. If your travel dates fall into this time frame in May or June, you have better chances of getting a cheap flight to Africa with alternative air carriers.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Africa?

Secret Tip #2 – Weekdays are cheaper

Long-haul flights that leave on a Thursday and return on a Monday typically cost about 20% less than flights that leave on a Friday and return on a Saturday or Sunday. Fridays are also more expensive to travel. If you are flexible with dates, ask your travel agent to book flights on weekdays.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Africa?

Secret Tip #3 – Right time, right airline

ASAP Tickets’ travel experts have analyzed an impressive amount of data to understand the cheapest time to travel to Africa and which airlines offer the best-priced deals. To cut a long story short – here’s a comprehensive table to check when and with whom to fly! We’ve checked our past flight data and found some of the cheapest times to travel to Africa. These are averages, so they will vary a little from year to year. Booking too late will also result in higher prices.

The cheapest times to travel to Africa

Cheapest times to fly
Lowest prices
Lagos 🇳🇬
1st week of Nov, late Feb, 3rd week of March.
Ethiopian Airlines through Lome
Nairobi 🇰🇪
3rd week of Nov, late Feb to early March.
Turkish Airlines
Accra 🇬🇭
Early Nov, 2nd week of Feb, 3rd week of March
Ethiopian Airlines
Cape Town 🇿🇦
2nd week of Feb, early Nov, 3rd week of March.
Kenya Airways
Entebbe 🇺🇬
Late Feb to mid-March, 4th week of Nov
Turkish Airlines
Yaounde 🇨🇲
End of Oct, 4th week of Feb, mid-March.
Ethiopian Airlines through Lome
Dakar 🇸🇳
3rd week of Feb, 3rd week of Nov, early March.
Kenya Airways
Addis Ababa 🇪🇹
2nd week of March, mid-Feb, late Nov.
Turkish Airlines
Monrovia 🇱🇷
4th week of Nov, 2nd week of March, late Feb.
Kenya Airways
Kigali 🇷🇼
Mid-Nov, early Feb, 4th week of March.
Kenya Airways
Kinshasa 🇨🇩
Early Feb, 2nd week of Nov, end of March.
Kenya Airways
Dar Es Salaam 🇹🇿
Mid-Feb, 2nd week of Nov, late March.
Turkish Airlines
Conakry 🇬🇳
Late March, 3rd week of Feb, early-mid Nov.
Royal Air Maroc
Freetown 🇸🇱
Late Nov, 2nd week of Feb, mid-late March.
Turkish Airlines
Lome 🇹🇬
3rd week of Nov, early Feb, early March.
Ethiopian Airlines
Abidjan 🇨🇮
3rd week of Nov, early March, early-mid Feb.
Turkish Airlines

No matter where you want to go in Africa, our expert travel agents can help you find the best value deals for your travel dates. Call an agent at 844-300-7983 to get your free customized price quote, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying some quality family time in your country!

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