If you would like a worry free vacation, don’t worry – it’s not impossible! There is a lot of pressure to plan a perfect vacation, especially if you can only go once a year. But vacations shouldn’t be stressful, so we’ve made a list of some tips to help you plan your stress-free vacation.


Relaxing on the beach - Worry free vacation

Worry free vacation

Prepare for your worry free vacation

You don’t want to be worrying about anything on your vacation. There are a few things you can do before leaving that will be a big help.

At home

  • Make sure to give your house a clean so that you don’t return to a messy house and a load of chores! Check your fridge for any food that might spoil and give it away or throw it out. This means you can just drop your bags and head straight to bed!
  • Get a friend or neighbor to collect your mail and put out your trash cans. They will also be able to check that everything is secure and make it look like the house is not empty.
  • Take your pet to a boarding kennel or a friend’s place. Or try out a new app like Dog Vacay.
  • Tell your bank you will be using your card abroad so that it won’t get blocked. Check what sort of ATM withdrawal fees they charge. There are some accounts you can get with no international ATM withdrawal fees.
  • Get travel insurance and make a record of the policy number and emergency contact number.
  • Learn some basic phrases in the local language, like hello, goodbye, please and thank you
  • Get any necessary vaccinations or medical care.
  • Check the weather forecast for an idea of what clothes you should pack. It is also useful to check the previous year’s weather.
  • Start packing a week before you go (and make a list of things you will need to pack last minute, like your toothbrush).
  • Download a map app like maps.me – and save offline maps of the area and the location of your accommodation etc.

In the office

  • Tidy up your desk or work place
  • Empty your inbox
  • Set up an auto-responder (for emails)
  • Tell colleagues under what circumstances you can be contacted, i.e. emergencies only
  • Plan your return to work
Travel planning - Worry Free Vacations 

Use a travel agent

37% of Americans have delayed or canceled a trip due to the stress of planning. And 48% of Americans said that a pre-made travel itinerary would reduce their stress. Luckily travel agents exist! Travel agents take all the stress out of planning your vacation and save you time and money.
Here are 4 reasons why you should use a travel agent to book your flights:

Exclusive unpublished airfares

Travel agents can access airfares directly from airlines or through a wholesale system. This means they can get you prices that aren’t available online.

Convenient itineraries & connections

Travel agents are working with itineraries all day – it’s their job. So naturally, they are experts! They can get you the shortest flights with the best layovers and connections. They can personalize your itinerary so the times, airlines and layovers suit you best.


Personal assistance 24/7

You can contact good travel agencies 24/7 for assistance you may need before, during, or after your trip!

Save time & money

You don’t need to spend all your time scouring the internet for the best deal. Simply call an agent and they can organize your itinerary quickly and easily. Save money with exclusive unpublished airfares.
 Why Use A Travel Agent?


There are a few choices that you can make for a more relaxing vacation. You can consider going in the shoulder season or low season to avoid crazy crowds and prices. Or you could even try a smaller and quieter destination.
Another choice you should think about is your travel partner or group. The more people you are traveling with, the more organization required. Which brings us to your vacation goals. Some people want an action-packed vacation whereas others want an easygoing vacation. Traveling with others requires some compromise to keep everyone happy. If you want to do your own thing, consider traveling solo!
Apparently, 10 days is the perfect length for a vacation! Consider if you are giving yourself enough time to truly let go and relax. Conversely, a vacation that is too long may tire you out.


Least stressful cities in 2017

The company ZipJet has just released a ranking of the least stressful cities of 2017! 500 locations were rated based on density, pollution, green spaces etc. Here are the results:
1. Stuttgart, Germany
2. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
3. Hannover, Germany
4. Bern, Switzerland
5. Munich, Germany
6. Bordeaux, France
7. Edinburg, United Kingdom
8. Sydney, Australia
9. Hamburg, Germany
10. Graz, Austria

Relaxing on the beach - Worry Free Vacations


Make some plans for your activities, but don’t forget to plan some downtime! Using travel planning apps and holiday trip planners can be very useful for managing everything. A written trip itinerary will give you peace of mind about what you will be doing for your vacation. Make some backup plans for a rainy day so you aren’t stuck with nothing to do. If you want a truly easy vacation, then you should book an inclusive resort. This way all your meals are taken care of.
Enjoy your worry free vacation and leave your stress behind!
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Travel safe and stay tuned for more travel tips from ASAP Tickets team.


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