Since 1999 having a power nap in the afternoon has officially worked its way onto the list of recognized international days. So in honor of nap time, we here at ASAP tickets, put together our top 5 tips on how to sleep on a plane. Whether you are flying long-haul, or with the best economy class airlines, or even business class, having a wee nap will make sure you hit arrivals relaxed and regenerated. If you’re planning a flight, then be sure to carry on reading our top tips on the best way to sleep on a plane.

The basics

According to aircraft interior design experts, your cabin or seat choice might not be the only consideration to factor in when thinking of how to sleep on a plane. Light, noise, and temperature are all key ingredients when it comes to getting some shut-eye.

1.Preparing yourself for a nap

To get the optimal temperature and a sense of coziness, we recommend standing up with your blanket and wrapping it around you, remembering to put on your seat belt so that the crew can see that you’re strapped in. This will ensure that the flight attendants won’t wake you from your power nap with any seatbelt-related issues. Tip – Making the flight attendants aware that you won’t require refreshments will also cut out any chance of being disturbed on their rounds.   

2. Plugin or cancel out

Noise-canceling headphones are perfect if you want to exclude passenger’s noise or the droning din of the aircraft’s engines. In–fact while you have your headphones on, did you know some of the best aids to get to sleep on a plane include: listening to sleep sounds and mindful apps, audiobooks, and meditative music? But, if total silence is what you need to get ready for nap time, then we suggest investing in a pair of earplugs.

3. Hide from the light

Whether you are on red-eye, morning or afternoon flight, sunlight or the beam of a reading light will no doubt impede your power nap, this is why to enter the land of nod you will need a sleep mask. Note – It is worth checking with the airline as some do provide sleep masks, but we say why leave it to chance when you can take one with you that you’re comfortable with.  

4. Dress the part

Depending on the number of carry-ons you take on board with you, and where your seat is situated, you might find that your leg and elbow room are significantly restricted. So to make sure you are as cozy as possible, we recommend not wearing multiple layers or anything too tight. Also, loose-fitting clothes will help the blood flow and circulation. How best to sleep on a plane really does come down to your body and mind being comfortable enough to relax.

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5. Finding the right Position

There, of course, is no exact science to finding the right position when it comes to how to sleep on a plane. Some people, for example, prefer to sleep curling to the right, or left, but unless you’re flying business class this will more than likely not be an option. Instead, stretching out will be limited to using the tilt option of your chair. We recommend trying to keep your legs straight but with a slight bend in your knees, always keeping your legs uncrossed. Neck pillows are also great accessories in the quest for a nap, not only will they aid your sleep position, but they will save your neck from crocking too.

In conclusion to the questions, ‘what is the best way & how to sleep on a plane?’ The answer comes down to a combination of planning for the space of your seat/cabin and thinking how best to maximize it; while also making sure you have the appropriate clothing and accessories. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt making sure it’s visible! And of course, inform the flight crew that you will not require any refreshments as you plan to indulge in the many benefits of napping
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