Like many, you might be planning to visit Europe, Asia, the Middle East, or Africa this year. If so, you will know some countries still have strict entry requirements and local restrictions. So, we have compiled the latest travel information on the most popular searches for each region. Therefore our new blog, “Restriction-free destinations for countries accepting American tourists,” has all the relevant information you need before booking your flights.


Europe is always one of our most popular regions, and the great news is many EU countries are accepting American tourists. We have put together a table showing the top 5 European countries open for tourism. The table also includes: if proof of vaccination is needed or if a test on arrival is required. In addition, to whether or not local restrictions are in place, such as wearing face masks or showing QR codes in restaurants.

CountryFully vaccinatedQuarantineTest Local restrictions

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Jungles, buzzing cities, and idyllic beaches make Aisa a backpackers’ paradise. However, Asia is also home to some of the world’s oldest cultures, natural wonders, and fantastic nature and wildlife. With some of the most outstanding cuisine and traditions in the world. Asia is simply a visual and sensory cornucopia. So let’s look at the most popular countries accepting American tourists.

CountryFully vaccinatedQuarantineTestLocal restrictions
PhilippinesYESNONoSome in place

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The Middle East

From arid deserts to the gleaming Burj Khalifa, the Middle East is a region where the past and future combine perfectly. For history buffs, there are the Pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Abu Simbel, and Petra, to name a few. But if rather world-class adventure parks and shopping experiences or 5-star hotels and restaurants, then the Middle East has it all.

CountryFully vaccinatedQuarantineTestLocal restrictions
DubaiYESNONOGreen Pass required
TunisiaYESNONOGreen Pass required
JordanYESNONOQR Code required
Saudi ArabiaYESNONOQR Code Required
EgyptYESYESYESGreen Pass required

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There are so many reasons to visit Africa, from climbing Kilimanjaro to going on a safari. The African landscapes are a wonder in themselves, and the nature that inhabits them is spellbinding. For tropical beaches, geological marvels, and the traditions and culture of over 3000 tribes! Africa is a continent that you must discover. So, here are the most popular countries accepting American tourists.

CountryFully vaccinatedQuarantineTestLocal restrictions
BotswanaYESNONOSome in place

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In Summary

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