Admit it, you probably follow an Instagram travel influencer who posts from a different city every week. Ever wonder how these social media travel personalities experience their trips? Well, learning the tricks of travel bloggers on Instagram has never been easier. With the rise of influencer-hosted trips, you can experience what it’s like to be an influencer first-hand.

In this blog, we’ll answer 5 questions about traveling with an influencer:

  • What is an influencer trip?
  • Why travel with a blogger?
  • How to plan for an influencer trip?
  • How to choose the right trip?
  • Where can I find influencer trips?

What is an influencer trip?

Solo travel has been extremely popular recently. But solo travelers are now onto the trend of traveling as part of a group hosted by a social media influencer.

Unlike solo travel, influencer trips consist of a group traveling together with the itinerary and program curated by a travel blogger. The influencer chooses all the travel spots, including hotels. Travelers book the itinerary and get a picture-perfect experience.

Why travel with a blogger?

The appeal of going on such trips is that you don’t need to do any planning. Also, the group will enjoy similar activities because you’d never join a blogger you don’t identify with. Nor would your group mates. This makes it a win-win situation: a group with shared interests and a chance for the influencer to meet their followers.

So, visit your favorite influencer’s page and see if they’re planning group trips. Usually, they’ll announce their destinations on their social media pages in advance, allowing you to plan your travels.

How to plan your trip?

Make sure to check your passport validity before traveling and check if you need a visa.

If you visit their blog, you’ll probably find a separate page with upcoming tours. Followers will typically only need to book airfare and get insurance. Hotels and most meals will be included in the tour price. Because these are group bookings, you will likely be saving on hotels.

Hotels, by the way, are turning to bloggers for marketing and hiring special managers to work with influencers.

One issue to consider is checking that your papers are in order. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months, and find out if you need to get a visa. You can always call an ASAP Tickets agent to get an airfare quote and inquire about visa requirements.

How to choose the right trip?

Look at a few options before choosing the trip you'll go on.

Because you’ll be spending the entire trip with the influencer and their following, make sure you go with one whose personality you enjoy!

You might love the itinerary, but if you hate the blogger, then the trip will turn into a nightmare! If you see an interesting tour, you can always suggest it to an influencer you like. Depending on the blogger and destinations, they usually need about 10-20 people to make a trip worth it. So they can announce a potential trip and see if others are interested.

The other thing to consider is the itinerary. You want to go on a trip with destinations that you’re interested in: no matter how awesome the blogger is, the goal is, after all, travel. If your favorite bloggers might not have your destinations of choice right now, they will have them later! And, as already mentioned, don’t be shy to suggest itineraries! Influencers love interacting with their followers and want to create trips you’ll enjoy!

Where can I find influencer trips?

If your favorite bloggers aren’t hosting trips yet, we’ve put together a list of 5 exciting influencers hosting trips:

  • Blogger At Large – One of the oldest travel blogs around, run by Megan Singleton
  • One Step 4ward – This blog is run by Johnny Ward, who hosts Adventure and Charity trips. He can take you to Iraq, the South Pole, and Mount Everest, to name a few destinations.
  • Kesi To and Fro – Kasi is an Ivy League graduate who’s been traveling full-time since 2015. She’s an expert on Solo Travel and hosts some amazing group tours.
  • My Life’s a Movie – Run by influencer Alyssa Ramos. She was one of the early influencers to start offering group tours.
  • The Road Les Traveled – Lesley Murphy, a well-known travel journalist and TV personality, runs this blog and takes her followers to many exciting destinations.

There you have it! Let us know if you have any other questions about influencer travel in the comments below. And remember, you can always call ASAP Tickets at 8443007983 for the cheapest tickets available only by phone!

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