One of the most common questions our travel experts get is: Can you get cheap flights on Black Friday?

With Black Friday around the corner, we’ve decided to answer the question on our blog.

The short answer is yes: this is one of the biggest sales of the year for all businesses, so you can absolutely count on booking cheap flights on Black Friday. But you’ll need to be open to adjusting your travel plans to make the most of Black Friday flight deals.

Unlocking Savings: Cheap Flights on Black Friday

Calling a travel agent is one way to get cheap flights on Black Friday

Airlines know travelers are looking for affordable travel options during the holiday season. Black Friday is perfectly positioned at the end of November when booking holiday flights becomes critical. Give or take, Black Friday is one month away from Christmas Day. This year, it falls on November 24, so it’s exactly a month before Christmas Eve.

Airlines have offered enticing Black Friday flight sales every year, and this year is no exception. You can jet off to your dream destination without breaking the bank, but like all Black Friday sales, the sale will be limited, so you’ll need to act fast.

By the way, we’ve already prepared early Black Friday deals for you! Take advantage of our sale while prices are at their lowest!

What to Expect on Black Friday

You can expect to book cheap flights on Black Friday.

On Black Friday, you can look forward to significant discounts, exclusive promotions, and added incentives. However, each airline will have sales for specific destinations and specific dates.

You also need to remember that airline pricing is structured to have discounted fares sold in blocks. If you don’t manage to book on-sale flights when they become available, you may miss out. This is why we recommend working with a travel agent to book flights. Expert agents, such as the ones working at ASAP Tickets, know exactly which deals will be available and can book the cheap flight that’s right for you. We have over 2100 seasoned live travel experts ready to help you with your flight bookings 

Some airlines may not offer significant discounts on flights but will have special incentives, such as free upgrades and flexible booking options, which usually cost more. Your travel agent will know what cheap flights to book for you, depending on where you want to travel and how.

If you want to book your flights yourself, plan ahead. You should have at least 2-3 travel options you’re willing to choose from. Keep your eyes on airline websites and social media to know which deals they’ll have coming.

Tips for Scoring Cheap Flights on Black Friday Flight

What can you do to secure cheap flights on Black Friday?

  • One way to prepare for the year’s biggest sale is to look at last year’s Black Friday deals. You’ll get an idea of what may be offered this year.
  • Be extensive in your ticket search: check airline websites, online travel agencies, and aggregators. You never know where you’ll find the deal you want.
  • Use a travel agent that has access to below-market airfares. That’s the expertise of all the agents at ASAP Tickets.
  • Subscribe to airline price alerts to hear about the sale directly from the source. Don’t want to receive dozens of messages from airlines? Subscribe to the ASAP Tickets Newsletter and get alerts only about the destinations you choose.
  • When you book your flights, look for early or late departures: these tickets don’t sell as fast and usually cost less.
  • Don’t wait until Black Friday. When you book your flights with a travel agency such as ASAP Tickets, you get access to early Black Friday deals. So, don’t wait and book today!
ASAP Tickets has the best Black Friday flight deals

In Conclusion

Black Friday flight deals are real, and you can save big! As long as you’re flexible about your travel plans, you can get a great deal. Airlines will be offering cheap flights to domestic and international destinations. You can also expect complimentary or inexpensive upgrades.

To maximize your savings, call us at 844-300-7983 toll-free to get the best deals available. Our agents can offer early Black Friday deals or help you book the cheapest flights on Black Friday! At ASAP Tickets, we’re your trusted travel agency, just a call away!

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