Updated: July 7, 2021

Can’t wait to travel to the Philippines and visit your family and friends? Read our blog to know the latest travel rules and requirements during the pandemic before going to the Philippines.

COVID-19 caused countries including the Philippines to establish travel restrictions and strict new travel rules and requirements on the entry of both the Philippine and foreign nationals. However, these rules might change from time to time depending on the situation in the Philippines.

Eligible Passengers for travel to the Philippines

philippine passport
  1. Filipino nationals
  2. Foreign nationals allowed entry under the Balikbayan Program (RA6788), provided they are nationals from non-visa-required countries under Executive Order 408:
    • Former Filipino citizens, together with their foreign spouses and children, regardless of age, who are travelling with the former Filipino citizens; and
    • Filipino citizens’ spouses and children, regardless of age, who are travelling with the Filipino citizen.
  3. Dual Citizen by reason of R.A. No. 9225
    • Please bring your Oath of Allegiance, Order of Approval, Identification Certificate, and your valid foreign passport (check with the airline if they accept dual citizenship documents. If they will require a Philippine passport, apply for a passport at the nearest Philippine Consulate)
  4. Dual Citizen by reason of birth
    • Please bring your Philippine passport or a Travel Document
  5. Foreign nationals with valid and existing visas at the time of entry
  6. Foreign nationals who are holders of valid and existing Special Resident Retiree’s Visas (SRRV) may be allowed entry without the need for an Entry Exemption Document (EED).
  7. Foreign nationals who are holders of valid and existing 9(a) or Temporary Visitor’s Visas, provided they present, upon arrival, an EED issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

All Filipinos and foreign nationals permitted entry into the Philippines are required to:

  1. Secure and present a pre-booked accommodation for at least ten (10) nights from any accredited quarantine facility.  For the complete list, please click HERE.
  2. Undergo RT-PCR COVID-19 testing at their respective quarantine facility on the 7th day from the date of arrival in the Philippines 
  3. Comply with other arrival and quarantine procedures required by the Department of Health.  For more information, please proceed to https://www.covid19.gov.ph/
  4. Please wear a face mask and face shield.

Those fully vaccinated in countries/jurisdictions outside the Philippines must carry their official documentation of full vaccination validated through the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLO) or present their International Certificate of Vaccination, whichever is applicable. For purposes of gathering local data on breakthrough infections, all arriving individuals qualified for a seven (7) –day facility-based quarantine under the foregoing provisions shall undergo Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) testing on the fifth day of facility-based quarantine with day one being the date of arrival.

Please be advised that eligible passengers for travel to the Philippines, including documentary, and additional requirements are subject to change. The information in the blog only serves as a guide. For inquiries and latest updates, you may contact the Philippine Bureau of Immigration at email: immigPH@gmail.combinoc_immigration@hotmail.phimmigration.helpline.ph@gmail.com

Passengers Arriving in Manila

Passengers Arriving in Cebu

  • Passengers arriving at Cebu airport are required to register online no earlier than five (5) days prior to your flight departure through the Passenger Arrival Registration Form. A Travel Registration Number (TRN) will be generated once registration is complete.
  • For OFWs, please register to the OFW Assistance Information System (OASIS)
  • Please ensure to have a confirmed booking at a hotel accredited by DOT and DOH. You must stay at your booked hotel until the test result is sent and BOQ (Bureau of Quarantine) medical certificate is issued.
  • For more information, please click
  • Download the Traze App. 👉 https://www.traze.ph/

Also, immediate connecting domestic flights are currently not allowed because of the mandatory testing and quarantine. If your flight to the Philippines is not non-stop, please check the travel restrictions or requirements of your transit airport as they may have their own rules.

The strict travel rules and requirements are being implemented by the Philippine Government for everyone’s safety. We encourage all passengers to follow the rules to avoid inconvenience during their travel.

For bookings and inquiries, please call (844) 300-7983 or visit ASAP Tickets or ASAP Tickets Blog.

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