You may be surprised by the fact that in the USA, users search for cheap flights upward 5-9 million times each month. This huge volume of interest and demand makes perfect sense as the number of international travelers continues to grow. And to be honest, who wants to waste a penny when you can keep it for something more important? Helping you travel smart and save up to 50%* off flight prices is what ASAP Tickets has been doing for over 20 years. 

Today, we need to figure out why ASAP Tickets can offer such cheap flights? Here are the main reasons:

1. Direct access to consolidator, wholesale fares.
2. Lower-priced deals for having well-established relationships with airlines
3. We mix and match airlines for the best price results.
4. Access to search engines not available to the public.
5. Skills to combine layovers to travel cheap, but comfortable.
6. Cheaper flights options for flexible travel dates.
7. Larger volumes of sold flight tickets lead to cheaper fares.
8. Great last-minute deals (last-minute travel doesn’t have to be expensive).
9. Lowest price guarantee in place

1. Direct access to consolidator, wholesale fares

In general, consolidators don’t sell airfares to passengers themselves. The fares are usually sold through a travel agent. As part of the innovative Trevolution brand, ASAP Tickets is able to access consolidator prices that are significantly cheaper than fares available elsewhere. As you may have heard, wholesale prices are typically lower than the price that is charged in a retail outlet. Luckily, ASAP Tickets’ position as part of Trevolution guarantees first-hand wholesale airfares.

2. Lower-priced deals for having well-established relationships with airlines

ASAP Tickets can book flights with over 200 global airlines. And we’ve also established direct partnerships with over 70 airlines. So, with this ever-evolving cooperation with the most reputable world-class airlines and travel suppliers, ASAP Tickets is granted exclusive access to the most competitive rates in the industry. After all, ASAP Tickets regularly negotiates insider deals and below-market airfares. 

ASAP Tickets' cheap flights are possible because of a combination of factors

3. We mix and match airlines for the best price results

Why are tickets at ASAP Tickets cheap? ASAP Tickets, with its proprietary technology, diligently searches for the cheapest flight tickets. We leave no stone unturned, looking for the lowest unpublished fares and exclusive deals. Furthermore, our travel agents, using Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), explore all available flights to compare them with our internal rates. In the end, our agents will offer the most economical options and provide a comprehensive explanation of the limitations of each one.

A GDS is a worldwide reservation system for airfares, hotels, cruises, and more. Some of the most popular GDSs are Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre, and more. ASAP Tickets is the first creator of a program that combines all of these systems. So, when you think of cheap flights, ASAP Tickets leads the way!

4. Access to search engines not available to the public 

All ASAP Tickets travel agents provide excellent service. After all, they can hand-pick any multi-airline flight and tailor it to a customer’s preference. Without this assistance, visiting countless airline websites for separate bookings can be complicated and time-consuming. You might also have trouble getting the best price with matching airlines. In addition to providing 24/7 services, a personal agent will help customers directly address their needs. Want to fly a particular world-class airline for the most low-cost fares? The ASAP Tickets team can help.

5. Skills to combine layovers to travel for cheap but in comfort

One of the specialties that ASAP Ticket customers enjoy is how our travel agents combine layover flights with the best pricing and suitable schedules to ensure a fresh and restful trip. ASAP Tickets’ travel experts are especially good at making a layover an additional and enjoyable experience along the journey. With ASAP Tickets’ agents, sleeping through your night flight and shopping at stops in the daytime are easy to realize.

6. Cheaper flight options for flexible travel dates

A dedicated travel agent will handle all research and legwork for any travel request. Ultimately, nothing can substitute the resources and skills of the 2100+ travel experts at ASAP Tickets. Our travel agents are the reason why flights booked with ASAP Tickets are so cheap.

Talk to a travel agent about different options. After all, our travel experts can offer alternative flight dates when fares are cheaper. For clients who are flexible with their travel dates, this can lead to more significant savings.

7. Larger volumes of sold flight tickets lead to cheaper fares

Millions of travelers have chosen ASAP Tickets to save on their flights. The more people book flights with ASAP Tickets services, the cheaper the airfares can get. So, the methodology behind this is straightforward. Because of the large volume of requests for free quotes (up to thousands of price requests daily), ASAP Tickets can bargain for even lower wholesale prices from its partner airlines.

ASAP Tickets is a reputable travel agency that’s been in the business for 22 years now. Many travelers choose to contact us for their travel needs. As a result, the large volume of flights we book explains why tickets at ASAP Tickets are so cheap.

8. Great last-minute deals (last-minute travel doesn’t have to be expensive)

ASAP Tickets offers the most affordable last-minute flight deals. Typically, last-minute flights are more expensive as airlines know that urgent last-minute travelers will pay any price. However, last-minute tickets can be cheap because ASAP Tickets’ travel experts constantly monitor last-seat sales. Additionally, many partner airlines can accommodate ASAP Tickets customers just a few hours before the flights for wholesale prices.

9. Lowest price guarantee

ASAP Tickets takes pride in its access to below-market airfares. Our Low Fare Guarantee is available to all our customers. So, as long as you call within 24 hours for an identical itinerary from any competitor, your quote will be matched or beaten by us. Also, you can get a $50 voucher for your next purchase of any bulk private fares with ASAP Tickets.

By knowing the main reasons behind cheap flights from ASAP Tickets, you can confidently make the purchase you need and fly to your destination of choice, taking advantage of the extra savings. If you possibly need advice on how to spend the money you save from the cheap flight tickets, then order a glass of champagne on board and enjoy your flight—ASAP Tickets has got you covered!

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*Savings of up to 50% off are indicated off the full unrestricted (i.e., refundable) published “Y” class airfares of major scheduled airlines. Savings may vary based on availability, advance purchase, minimum stay, travel dates, and blackout dates and may change without notice.

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