You may be surprised by the fact that in USA, the average monthly search for cheap flights on Google is 5-7 million times! This huge volume of interest and demand makes perfect sense as the number of international travellers is growing rapidly. And to be honest, who wants to waste a penny when you can keep it for something more important. To help with smarter travel, saving big up to 50%* off is what ASAP Tickets has been offering for more than 15 years. 

Today, what we need to figure out is, how ASAP Tickets can offer such cheap flights? Here are the main reasons:

1. Direct access to consolidator, wholesale fares.
2. Lower-priced deals for having well-established relationships with airlines
3. We mix and match airlines for the best price results.
4. Access to search engines not available to the public.
5. Skills to combine layovers to travel cheap, but comfortable.
6. Cheaper flights options for flexible travel dates.
7. Larger volumes of sold flight tickets lead to cheaper fares.
8. Great last-minute deals (last-minute travel doesn’t have to be expensive).
9. Lowest price guarantee in place

1. Direct access to consolidator, wholesale fares

In general, consolidators don’t sell airfares to passengers themselves. The fares are usually sold through a travel agent. As a brand of the authoritative consolidator—International Travel Network (ITN), ASAP Tickets is enabled to get the consolidated prices that are significantly cheaper than the fares elsewhere. As we know, the wholesale prices are typically lower than the price that is charged in a retail outlet. Luckily at ASAP Tickets, the stable and solid association with ITN guarantees the first-hand wholesale airfares. 

2. Lower-priced deals for having well-established relationships with airlines

ASAP Tickets has business relationships with over 200 airlines and partnership with more than 50 airlines. With the ever-evolving cooperation with the most reputable world class airlines and travel suppliers, ASAP Tickets is granted exclusive access to the most competitive tariffs in the industry. On a regular basis, Insider deals and low airfares that are below the market were specially negotiated. 

3. We mix and match airlines for the best price results

Supported by its proprietary technology, ASAP Tickets has been imitated by countless websites that come and go. Subsequently, the search results for hidden flights will be collected. Furthermore, ASAP Tickets Travel agents use Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) to search for all available flights. A GDS is a worldwide reservation system for airfares, hotels, cruises and so on. Some of the most popular GDSs are Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre, and more. ASAP Tickets is leading the way as the first creators of a program that combines all of these systems together. 

4. Access to search engines not available to the public 

There is always excellent service provided by all ASAP Tickets travel agents, any multi-airline flights will be hand-picked and tailored for customers’ preferences. Without assistance, it is troublesome and time-consuming to visit countless airlines websites for separate bookings and get the best price with matching airlines. Besides for providing 24/7 services, a personal agent will help in the best way possible for customer’s preferences. Want to fly particular world class airlines for the most low-cost fares? ASAP Tickets team will always be at your services.

5. Skills to combine layovers to travel cheap, but comfortable 

Combining layover flights with the best pricing and suitable schedule to ensure a fresh and restful trip is one of the specialties that satisfied ASAP Ticket customers. ASAP Tickets agents are especially good at turning a layover as an additional and enjoyable experience along the trip. Sleeping through the night flight and shopping at stops in daytime are easy to realize with ASAP Tickets agents.  

6. Cheaper flights options for flexible travel dates

For any travel date request, all research and legwork will be handled by a dedicated travel agent. Nothing can substitute the resources and skills of 1500+ travel experts at ASAP Tickets. As agents can offer alternative flights dates when fares are cheaper, being flexible clients with open dates can save more than expected.  

7. Larger volumes of sold flight tickets lead to cheaper fares

Millions of travellers had chosen ASAP Tickets to save on their flights. The more people booked flights with ASAP Tickets services, the cheaper the airfares can get. And the methodology behind this is very easy, thanks to the large number of demands for free quotes, up to thousands of price requests on a daily basis allow ASAP Tickets to bargain for even cheaper wholesale prices from the cooperant airlines.

8. Great last-minute deals (last-minute travel doesn’t have to be expensive)

ASAP Tickets offers the most affordable last-minute flight deals. Normally, last-minute flights are always more expensive as the airlines know that urgent last-minute travelers will pay whatever price. However, last-minute tickets can be cheap because ASAP Tickets travel experts are constantly monitoring the last seat sale and many of cooperated airlines can accommodate ASAP Tickets customers just a few hours before the flights for the wholesale price.

9. Lowest price guarantee in place

ASAP Tickets take its pride in the below-market airfares accessibility, the Low Fare Guarantee is available for all customers. As long as you call within 24 hours for the identical itinerary from any competitor, your quote will be matched or beat and additionally, you can get a $50 voucher for your next purchase of any bulk private fares with ASAP Tickets.

🎥 One minute explanation why are asap tickets cheap?👇

By knowing the main reasons behind cheap flights from ASAP Tickets, you can confidently make the purchase you need, fly to wherever is waiting for your arrival and take advantage of the extra savings. If you possibly need advice on how to spend the money you save from the cheap flight tickets, then order a glass of champagne on board and enjoy your flight, ASAP Tickets got you covered!

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*Savings of up to 50% off are indicated off the full unrestricted (i.e. refundable) published “Y” class airfares of major scheduled airlines. Savings may vary based on availability, advance purchase, minimum stay, travel dates, and blackout dates and may change without notice.


  1. Do you do open jaws flights? We’d like to fly to Munich the middle of May from SFO and return to SFO from Amsterdam sometime the week of or after June 22. That is provided there are no COVID restrictions. We are over 75 so should get the vaccine soon.


    1. Dear Arlene, yes, sure, we do open-jaw flights. One of the agents will get in touch with a quote shortly over email.


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