ASAP Tickets welcomes more great news this month; Japan has opened up for U.S. travelers! Furthermore, from October 11, individual tourists may visit Japan with U.S. passports and will no longer need visas for short-term visits (up to three months). Therefore here are ASAP Tickets 5 Reasons to Book flights to Japan 2022. And, of course, we have added our best deals on cheap flights to Japan and the best airlines to fly to Japan in 2022.

Reason 1: Why book flights to Japan?

So let’s start with why visit Japan? Our first reason is not obvious, but as winter is here, it’s perfect! Did you know Japan has some of the best powder ski conditions in the world? And in 2020, Lotte Arai was awarded Japan’s best powder ski resort for the 2nd time. With eight avalanche-controlled “free riding zones.” And 18+ meters of snowfall, there’s no wonder why tackling the slopes of Lotte Arai has become a feature on many travelers’ bucket lists.

  • Located: Myoko
  • Closest airports: Tokyo/Nagano
  • USA to Japan flights: flights to Tokyo round trip start from $*317* to Tokyo

Reason 2: Why book flights to Japan?

Discovered over 1000 years ago, Mount Osore is regarded as one of Japan’s three most sacred places. Even though Osorezan translates as fear mountain, and the air is spliced with the smell of sulfur from the area’s volcanic activity. Mount Osore’s landscape is truly astonishing! In addition, Lake Usori’s natural hot spring that babbles beside the Bodaiji temple is a reason on its own to book flights to Japan.

5 Reasons to Book flights to Japan 2022
  • Located: Shimokita Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture
  • Closest airports: Aomori airport
  • USA to Japan flights: All flights to Japan deals

Reason 3: Why book flights to Japan?

Since its opening in 2001, Universal Studios Japan has become a tourist hotspot due to its unique attractions. It boasts authentic worlds and rides based on Hollywood blockbusters and world-class experiences like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal Studios Japan has added a Super Nintendo world based on Nintendo’s legendary characters, such as an interactive Mario Kart theme park ride! What’s not to love about that? Universal studios is a legitimate reason why to visit Japan.

  • Located: Osaka
  • Closest airport: Osaka
  • USA to Japan flights: flights to Osaka round trip start from $*487* to Osaka

Reason 4: Why book flights to Japan?

If like many, your love for all things anime is why you’re searching for cheap tickets to Japan, then the Ghibli museum is the place for you. Here you will get to walk through the world of one of anime’s brightest stars Hayao Miyazaki. Furthermore, the museum boasts of the Saturn theater, where you can watch an original short made by Ghibli.

5 Reasons to Book flights to Japan 2022
  • Located: Inokashira Park, Toyko
  • Closest airport: Toyko
  • USA to Japan flights: flights to Toyko round trip start from $*317* to Tokyo

Reason 5: Why book flights to Japan?

We recommend visiting Nagano and taking part in a day tour that offers a trip to Zenko-ji, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan. But that’s not all; you then go for sake-testing, followed by a visit to a world-renowned snow monkey park and its famous hot springs. Moreover, if you are considering taking in other cities in Asia, read our blog, Top 20 Destinations in Asia.

  • Location: Nagoya 
  • Closest airport: Nagoya 
  • USA to Japan flights: flights to Nagoya round trip start from $*839* to Nagoya

Best airlines to fly to Japan

So now we will highlight the best airlines to fly to japan with according to our data. Number 1 is no surprise, Japan Airlines, in 2nd place is United Airlines, 3rd is Korean Air, 4th is Asiana Airlines, and 5th is Eva Air. For more information on why these airlines are the most popular, check out our blog on Top Airlines Flying to Asia 2022.

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