2021 is right around the corner. A new year with new beginnings. To get off to a good start, people celebrate with different New Year’s Eve Traditions around the world. Let’s take a look at them by country. You may find something interesting here!


One of the well-known New Year’s Eve Traditions Around The World came from Spain. It’s a traditional belief that before midnight on Dec 31, eating 12 grapes- each stands for a different month, can bring good luck for the coming year. It is called uvas de la suerte (the grapes of good luck).


Picking out an outfit for New Year’s Eve could be overwhelming. Brazil makes it so much earlier to wear white as a tradition. In Brazilian culture, wearing white is a sign of peace and prosperity. Plus, what’s great about this tradition is that matching outfits make good photos!


To bring good luck and banishing bad fortune, people in Denmark stand on the chair and leap into the new year at midnight. That won’t hurt unless you break the chair. 🙂


One of the popular traditions with Filipinos is to eat sticky rice. On new year’s eve dinner, families gather together and strengthen their bonds. And they believe that eating food made from sticky rice like bibingka (a type of baked rice cake) will bind families together stronger. 


The New Year’s Eve Tradition in Colombia is to take empty suitcases and run around the block as fast as possible. This is to guarantee a year filled with travel. Hopefully, you can cross out Travel More on your bucket list in 2021.


In Greece, people hang an onion on the front door on New Year’s Eve. It is considered as the symbol of rebirth. On the first day of the New Year, parents wake their children up with the onion. It is to make sure the following year will be full of happiness, prosperity and new growth.

sources: theculturetrip.com


When the clock strikes midnight, it is traditional in Turkey to open the front door and sprinkle salt on the doorstep. This act is to bring peace and abundance to home and business.


Wearing red underwear is thought to help with finding happiness and love in Italy. There is one more condition for making this superstition works. The underwear should be new and a gift from others. This tradition dates back to the ancient Romans. And it is widely accepted as a New Year’s Eve tradition around the world.

Now, tell us what is YOUR tradition on New Year’s Eve, comment below! 📝

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