More than a month has passed and life outside our homes remains on hold. The situation in each country varies as the restrictions in effort to control the spread of coronavirus differ. But, we all share a common ground on keeping our outside activities to a minimum.

The coronavirus outbreak has become a momentous global threat affecting both public health and global economies. It has left tourist destinations and business hubs turn into nothing but empty streets and ghost towns. The hustle and bustle of the world’s metropolises has come to a stall. Cities have become quieter with the closing of schools, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

While people have been requested to self-isolate, the coronavirus pandemic has quickly shaken our normal lifestyle. Scroll below for images of how the world looks like in times of COVID-19 when all measures to contain the spread have taken place.

LOS ANGELES, USA – Aerial view of empty freeway streets with no people in downtown LA due to the coronavirus outbreak.
LONDON, UK – A rare view of Oxford Circus with no traffic or pedestrians. In the heart of London’s busy shopping district, Oxford Circus is normally gridlocked with human traffic.
PARIS, FRANCE – Tourists leaving Paris on the first day of quarantine in France during the coronavirus outbreak.
FRANKFURT, GERMANY – Desolated Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) when borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Empty Maua Square (Praça Mauá), in the downtown of Rio de Janeiro once the coronavirus quarantine started.
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Aerial view of the Tel Aviv Dizengoff square and surrounding buildings during government lockdown guidelines to control the spread of coronavirus.
TOKYO, JAPAN – Ginza town in Tokyo without tourists due to the coronavirus pandemic.
BORACAY ISLAND, THE PHILIPPINES – A positive environmental impact of COVID-19 in this aerial view of Boracay island as their waste has been reduced by half during the quarantine.

But there’s always a bright side in every situation. By now, we’re all aware of all the negative effects the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed. There has also been an unexpected positive side-effect. As industries, transport networks and businesses have paused their operations, this has caused a notable drop in carbon emissions. The air has become breathable again in cities with the highest air pollution. Destinations that have suffered a high environmental damage due to tourism, like Boracay island in the Philippines, report that their waste has gone down by 50% since the lockdown measures initiated.

The positive environmental impact of COVID-19 shouldn’t be at the cost of all the human suffering it has caused. These moments of crisis reinforce the importance of having our main priorities in place. Currently we all need to do our part in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. The only certainty we have it that eventually this too shall pass and when it does, we should come out stronger and better.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more travel insider information from the ASAP Tickets team. We hope to assist you in all your future travels!


  1. How do I check to see if my early July flights from Dulles Washington, DC to Rome (FCO) and return via Frankfurt, Germany? Booked these flights via ASAP tickets. Please advise as to my options. Thanks, Howard Katz


    1. Dear Howard, you can either contact your agent directly or dial +1-800-750-22-38 (toll-free) and talk to our Customer Support team. They will have all the details!


  2. Sorry about this empty cities, I’m anxious to travel again.


    1. Everything is finally, although slowly, coming back to normal, so let’s hope we all get to travel again soon!


  3. ASAP has my 1270 dollars and will not refund my money or contact me for rebooking my flight. Every time I talk to someone, they promise to email me with information and they never do. I have called at least 6 times with no progress on an African flight from the USA that United cancelled. ASAP said to contact United, they said, no – I have to contact asap booking. I get the run around from you all the time. What kind of business is this that does not respond in an appropriate manner?


    1. Dear Barry, very sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience! I’ve forwarded your message to our Customer Support and asked them to get in touch with your immediately. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


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