In this blog, Exploring AA Premium Economy: What to Expect In-Flight in 2024 will look into the perks, privileges, and amenities you can expect if you upgrade to AA airline’s premium service in their economy range. 

Firstly to answer the questions, what is premium economy? Is it the same as elite economy and economy plus? The simple answer is yes! Airlines may provide services differently, but in essence, they are functionally the same. Essentially, airlines want to offer a flying class positioned between standard economy and business class in regard to price, comfort, and amenities. 

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AA premium economy class

If you want to take advantage of AA’s premium economy amenities, you can book seats behind their Flagship Business and First on the following planes:

  • 777-300s
  • 787-8s flying internationally and to Alaska
  • 787-9s
  • A330-200s
  • 777-200s

AA’s premium economy seats

AA premium economy class seat

This is where you start seeing the value of upgrading. Because there are fewer seats, this means each seat is 18.5 inches wide! Which is 1.5 inches wider than standard economy and allows for a much wider armrest.

Each seat offers 38 inches of pitch, 7 more inches than that of their standard economy. You will also find a footrest, USB power adaptor, and a much larger tv screen.

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AA’s inflight entertainment

AA premium economy class entertainment

Apple TV+

Watch award-winning Apple originals and a whole host of quality TV programs and films! You can even search before you get on board what entertainment will be available on your flight. Apple TV+ channel can be found on your seat back or your personal tablet, phone, or laptop. 

Apple Music

Enjoy 75 million songs ad-free! With specially curated playlists, music videos, and exclusive access to live radio shows from the world’s top music. All of which can be streamed on personal devices on AA’s complimentary Wi-Fi.


This is a great option if you want to explore your creativity and curiosity in flight. AA has teamed up and formed an exclusive partnership with Skillshare and Rosetta Stone. While Skillshare has video classes on photography, writing, and more, Rosetta Stone allows you to learn the basics of new languages and useful phrases to use at your destination.

American Airlines app

Once you downloaded the app via the app store or google play store, you will not only be able to stream their entertainment library to your device. You will also be able to manage booking and seat assignments, boarding passes, and airport maps. Plus, check if your destination has travel restrictions and access virtual help to answer your travel questions quickly. Furthermore, the app is now available for those with an Apple watch.

Inflight Wi-Fi

 economy class WI-FI

High-speed Wi-Fi is available to buy on select domestic flights. AA recommends checking your boarding pass or online to confirm what Wi-Fi options are available.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

Phone or tablet:

  1. Download the American Airlines app before takeoff
  2. Enable airplane mode and connect to the “AA-Inflight” Wi-Fi signal
  3. If you’re not redirected, open a browser and enter


  1. Connect to the “AA-Inflight” Wi-Fi signal
  2. If you’re not redirected, open a browser and enter

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AA’S dining experience 

aa premium economy class dining

AA states they are elevating your dining experience as the official airline partner of the James Beard Foundation. This means as premium economy passengers, you can expect healthy, delicious dishes designed by elite chefs. Moreover, you can reserve meals 30 days (and up to 24 hours) before flights. Simply login log in to your trip and chose your meal.

Premium cabins are also stocked with a wide selection of beers, wines, and spirits to complement the inflight menu. 


Shinola and D.S. & Durga amenity kit

Travel essentials from leading design and lifestyle brands Shinola and D.S. & Durga.

Casper sleep set

Pillow and blanket created by sleep technology company Casper., available on international flights


If you want to fly with AA with some of the inflight benefits of business class yet wish to avoid paying a hefty price tag, premium economy is a great option. The extra legroom, entertainment, priority boarding, and upgraded dining will elevate your flight experience, adding elements of comfort and luxury.

Book American Airlines flights by filling out the free quote request form or calling 844-300-7983.

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