Month: March 2023

9 Things You Should Know About Booking with an Online Travel Agent Instead of Using a Flight Search

Booking with an Online Travel Agent Instead of Using a Flight Search, question 1. When was the last time you called a travel agent?  It may have been a while,...


Sober Travel Inspiration 2023

Among the current travel trends for 2023, Sober Travel is ranked right up there. Whether it’s a personal preference or you prefer to travel sober to enjoy the clarity and...

best beaches in the US; Flights to Florida; Flights to US

5 Best Beaches in the US 2023

Even though most travel restrictions have been lifted, domestic travel is as popular now as it was during the pandemic. And with summer fast approaching, who isn’t finding themselves dreaming...


Exploring Ghana — Tips on Cheap Flights, Accommodations, Activities, and more.

Welcome to our ultimate guide to planning a trip to Ghana on a budget, with recommendations for the best places to stay, must-try cuisines, cultural norms, and finding cheap flights!...


Affordable Adventure: A Guide to Planning Your South African Vacation with Cheap Flights and Insider Tips

South Africa is a country of incredible beauty, diversity, and adventure, attracting travelers worldwide.  However, planning a trip to South Africa can be daunting, especially if you’re on a budget....

Flying with Kenya Airways.

Unveiling the Many Perks of Flying Kenya Airways: Benefits That Go Beyond Cheap Flight Tickets

If you’re considering air travel and want to make the most of your journey, Kenya Airways might just be the airline for you. While the airline is known for offering...