We all know that 2019 is long gone already (stop denying it). 2019 was a big year for travel, showing the biggest increase in international tourists arrivals in seven years. This figure is expected to increashttps://blog.asaptickets.com/top-travel-blogs-2017/e 5% in 2020, but is the way people travel changing? Let’s explore some of the predicted travel trends for 2020.

Responsible Travel

Along with ecotourism, responsible and sustainable travel is pushing further and further into the mainstream travel sphere. Travelers in 2020 will be more likely to research their destination to learn more about how they can travel ethically. Overall, this is leading to a reduction in unethical wildlife tourism, more benefits for the real local economy, and much more. It’s important to realize that while your destination is but a temporary stop for you, it is home to many.

“Last-Chance” Travel

Because of the changing climate, ‘endangered’ sights, like melting glaciers and coral reefs are seeing a surge in visitors. Many younger travelers want to see disappearing natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia before it’s too late. 

Travel Trends 2018 - Active Travel

Active Travel

Wellness travel has been a favorite for quite some time – think spa holidays or wellness retreats. In 2020, travelers will be taking this to the next level, with active travel taking over the spotlight. Think hiking trips, cycling tours, climbing, snorkeling, and all that fun stuff. Refresh your body as well as your mind while on the road. Evidently, the meaning of a relaxing vacation is different for each person.

Solo Travel

The number of brave solo travelers increases year over year. With the prevalence of communication technology (data, GPS & offline maps), more and more people feel confident to travel on their own. Solo traveling is a great way to challenge yourself and see the world at the same time. And, as many solo travelers know, you often meet many weird and wonderful people along the way. But for those who desire true solitude, a solo hiking holiday may be more down your trail.

European Capitals of Culture 2020

Travel Trends 2018 - Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta

Every year since 1985, the EU has chosen one or more cities to be a European Capital of Culture. The two cities chosen for 2020 are:

Valletta – Malta, and,

Leeuwarden the Netherlands

Places to go in 2020

Each year the New York Times publishes a list of 52 places to go. I’m pretty sure it’s not a guide on how to visit a different place each week of the year, but don’t let your dreams be dreams. These are the top 3 cities for 2020:

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana
  2. Colombia
  3. Basilicata, Italy

Top 10 Destinations for 2020

Travel Trends 2018 - Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Every year, American Express runs a survey investigating travel trends based on a survey of their customers. Their special booking data indicate that these are the top 10 destinations for 2020 (in order):

  1. Bali
  2. Costa Rica: San Jose and Liberia regions
  3. Dubai
  4. London
  5. Portugal: Lisbon and Porto regions
  6. Rome
  7. Tel Aviv
  8. Utah-lorado”: Park City, Salt Lake City, Aspen, Denver, and Vail
  9. Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City regions
  10. Zurich

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Travel safe and stay tuned for more travel tips from the ASAP Tickets team on our cheap travel blog.

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  1. Wow! what a great list you’ve provided. I agree with all the list of top destinations in 2018. I’m fond of travelling, I love visiting places where I can see fascinating architectures just like in Rome. I’ve been in Rome last year. I decided to visit Bali Indonesia this year and its good to know it is the number 1 tourist destination this year. I’m very excited to visit Indonesia because of its well-known temples. Thanks for sharing this article.


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