It’s time to start picking your spring break destinations. Even if your spring break is in early April, it’s time to begin planning to secure cheap spring break flights. So, which destinations are trending?

Spring Break Destinations: Cherry Blossoms in Japan

One of the top spring break destinations is Japan because of its gorgeous cherry blossoms!

Spring break is a perfect time to see Japanese cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Kyoto, and the rest of the country. Typically, sakura blossoms in Japan in late March and early April, just when spring break occurs. This is why Japan is among our top spring break destinations: the cherry blossom season only happens once a year, so you need to catch them while you can!

Here’s what makes traveling to Japan for the cherry blossom such a popular spring break option:

  • Petals in the Wind: You’ll see endless cherry blossom trees showering delicate petals like confetti. Japan transforms into a fairytale.
  • Hanami Parties: Join locals in the ancient tradition of hanami—picnics under blooming cherry trees. It’s not just about the flowers but the community, laughter, and creating memories.
  • Insta-Ready Gardens: Every turn is a photo op! Visit iconic gardens like Shinjuku Gyoen and Kenrokuen, where cherry blossoms mingle with traditional Japanese architecture.
  • Nighttime Illumination: Experience the cherry blossom magic after dark! Some parks light up the sakura, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. It’s a whole new world when the cherries start glowing against the night sky.
  • Japanese Street Food: Sakura-flavored treats, anyone? Indulge in cherry blossom-inspired snacks, from pink mochi to sakura-flavored ice cream. Your taste buds will thank you!

So, trade the textbooks for a camera, pack your bags, and get ready to be mesmerized by Japan’s cherry blossom wonderland this spring break!

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Another Cherry Blossom Destination: South Korea

Seoul is another great destination to see cherry blossoms

Japan is probably best known for its cherry blossoms, but did you know you could also visit South Korea to see cherry blossoms? Travel to Seoul and set out to discover South Korea’s beautiful cherries. In Seoul, the blooming season is expected to begin in April. But if you travel to Jeju Island or Busan, you can see the cherries bloom at the end of March.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of traveling to the home of K-Pop and seeing one of nature’s beautiful manifestations, South Korea is one of the other great spring break destinations to consider.

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Spring Break Destinations: Vacation under the Jamaican Sun in Montego Bay

Jamaica is one of the most popular spring break destinations in 2024

Ready to swap textbooks for tropical vibes? Or to trade in your computer screen for some sunscreen? Montego Bay is one of the best spring break destinations for you. Here’s why:

  • Sun-soaked Bliss: Golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, and non-stop sunshine – you’ll love the beauty offered by Montego Bay and Jamaica.
  • Jammin’ Reggae Rhythms: Reggae music is the heartbeat of Jamaica, and Montego Bay is no exception. Immerse yourself in Jamaica’s musical tradition and move to reggae rhythms.
  • Adventure Awaits: From snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs to zip-lining over Dunn’s River Falls, Montego Bay offers thrill-seekers a taste of adrenaline in paradise.
  • Island Eats: Jerk chicken, fresh seafood, tropical fruits—Montego Bay’s food scene is a festival of flavor. Get ready to treat your taste buds to a Caribbean feast!
  • Insta-Worthy Views: Capture stunning sunsets, colorful street art, and your daily adventures. Montego Bay is a photographer’s dream!

So, grab your flip-flops, pack your shades, and prepare for a Montego Bay spring break that you’ll remember!

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Spring Break Destinations: Tulip Magic in the Netherlands

As if Amsterdam couldn't get any prettier! It's tulips galore in the spring!

The tulip season in the Netherlands kicks off in January. But the height of the blooming season is mid-March through mid-April. This makes the Netherlands one of the top spring break destinations! You’ll not only get to enjoy Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, and more, but you’ll also get to witness millions of tulips blooming if you visit the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse. It is the world’s most extensive flower garden and turns into a floral paradise in the spring!

More reasons to enjoy spring break in the Netherlands:

  • Charming Canals: Explore the picturesque canals of Amsterdam and other cities. Take a canal cruise, stroll along cobblestone streets, and soak in the lovely atmosphere of historic neighborhoods like Jordaan.
  • Cycling Adventures: Embrace Dutch culture by cycling through the scenic countryside. Flat landscapes and well-maintained bike paths make it the perfect way to discover hidden gems and enjoy the fresh spring air.
  • Open-Air Markets: Visit lively open-air markets like Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam. From local treats to unique souvenirs, these markets offer a taste of Dutch life. Visiting the markets is also a beautiful chance to mingle with the friendly locals.
  • Historic Windmills: Discover the Netherlands’ iconic windmills. Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to 19 well-preserved windmills set against a backdrop of lush green fields—a postcard-worthy sight.
  • Dutch Delicacies: Indulge in delicacies like stroopwafels, poffertjes, and cheese.

So, pack your suitcases, embrace the Dutch spirit of spring, and create lasting memories in a land where flowers, canals, and cultural delights await!

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Spring Break Destinations: Discover the Charms of El Salvador

Izalco Volcano from Cerro Verde National Park, El Salvador.

El Salvador is Central America‘s smallest country and sometimes gets overlooked as a destination. This charming country lies on the Pacific Ocean. It is the only country in Central America that does not touch the Caribbean Sea. San Salvador does not lie on the coast, but it’s just a short drive from the city. When you get to the coast, you’ll have access to many of El Salvador’s best beaches, like El Tunco and El Sunzal.

Here’s why San Salvador in El Salvador is your ticket to an unforgettable spring break:

  • Tropical Retreat: San Salvador is a haven for those seeking a break from the ordinary with its warm climate and lush landscapes. Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.
  • Historical Intrigue: Uncover the city’s rich history as you explore landmarks like the San Salvador Cathedral and the National Palace
  • Volcanic Adventures: Surround yourself with volcanic wonders! El Salvador is home to captivating volcanoes like the Santa Ana Volcano, Izalco Volcano, and the San Salvador Volcano.
  • Enjoy the Ocean: Hit the Pacific coastline for some beach bliss. San Salvador’s coastal offerings will satisfy every type of beach-goer from surf-friendly waves to serene shores.
  • Local Markets: Dive into the vibrant local markets, such as Mercado Nacional de Artesanías, for a taste of Salvadoran culture through handmade crafts and traditional goods.
  • Art and Culture: San Salvador boasts a thriving arts scene. Explore museums like the Museo de Arte de El Salvador for a dose of local and international artistic expression.

So, book your flights and set your sights on San Salvador to make this spring break an exploration of history, nature, and the vibrant culture of El Salvador!

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Spring Break Destinations: Beautiful Bahamas

Nassau has been a hot ticket this spring break

Spring is one of the best times to visit the Bahamas, so many travelers are choosing to fly to Nassau this spring. With over 700 islands to explore, the Bahamas has a perfect corner just for you. Enjoy this Caribbean country and recharge your batteries for the final stretch before summer.

What can you expect in the Bahamas?

  • Turquoise Waters: Dive into the mesmerizing shades of blue surrounding the Bahamas. The pristine beaches make every swim an enchanting experience.
  • Coral Reefs Galore: Snorkeling or scuba diving, the Bahamas’ coral reefs are a kaleidoscope of marine life. Witness vibrant corals, tropical fish, and maybe even some friendly dolphins.
  • Culinary Delights: Savor the taste of the Bahamas! Indulge in Bahamian cuisine, from conch fritters to rock lobster, and remember to try the iconic Bahama Mama cocktail.
  • Pirate History: Uncover the Bahamas’ pirate past in Nassau. Visit the Pirates of Nassau experience and walk the historic streets where legendary buccaneers like Blackbeard and Calico Jack once roamed.
  • Boat Excursions: Set sail on a boat tour to the Exuma Cays. Swim with nurse sharks at Compass Cay, feed iguanas on Allen’s Cay, and bask in the surreal beauty of the Land and Sea Park.

Time to buy your sunblock, slip into your sandals, and get ready for a Bahamian spring break filled with sun, sea, and unforgettable memories!

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In conclusion, as spring break approaches, it’s time to decide where you’ll travel. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms, dance to the reggae rhythms of Montego Bay, wander through tulip-filled landscapes in the Netherlands, explore the historical charms of San Salvador, or unwind on the pristine beaches of the Bahamas, the possibilities are as diverse as the experiences themselves.

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