We proudly support our long-term customers and especially their inspirational projects to help others. In 2015, we partnered with South African Airways to give away a few free flights to Africa. However, we didn’t give them away to just anybody. We chose people who want to change the world!
For that reason, we chose LaShawne Bryant and gave her free round-trip tickets from the US to Johannesburg, South Africa.

LaShawne Bryant

LaShawne Bryant

LaShawne Bryant

LaShawne is a resident poet and program manager at the Coyaba Dance Theater in Washington DC. Founded in 1997, the Coyaba Dance Theater is a celebration of contemporary West African dance.


POETICS & the Coyaba Dance Theater

As a result of LaShawne’s vision and love for African culture, she founded an inspirational arts movement called POETICS. Basically POETICS aims to help preserve native West African and African-American culture for Africans and their children living in the US. POETICS combines dance, drumming, poetry, and the spoken word to highlight and illuminate the beauty of African cultures.

This trip to Johannesburg gave LaShawne the chance to further experience and learn more about native African culture. Here are a few words from her

about this opportunity:
“I am a student of life, standing with my heart and mind open – absorbing all the knowledge I can carry. The journey to research the roots of native African culture in Johannesburg has been a remarkable experience for me. I would like to thank ASAP Tickets for its generous support of our work to preserve and cultivate African culture here in the U.S.”LaShawne Bryant.
LaShawne Bryant

A dance performance by the Coyaba Dance Theater

Keeping African culture alive in the US

These two communities of artists – POETICS & Coyaba Dance Theater – have encouraged hundreds of artists, writers, poets, dancers, and musicians to come together and share their talents while embracing the cultures of Africa.
Both groups organize educational events and seminars about West African and African-American culture. Additionally, they also provide creative workshops and classes for children, adults, and seniors, to cultivate their talents and to expand their knowledge about African cultures.

How can you join the POETICS movement?

– Join the POETICS Facebook Group – SpeakPOETICS

Support POETICS events in your area and meet other artists

– Get involved and post your writing, events, or photos of your creations on the SpeakPOETICS Facebook group

Interested in Coyaba Dance Theater?

Visit their website here

Help us build a global movement for change

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