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Solo female travel - What are the top destinations you can travel to?

7 Best Travel Destinations for Solo Female Travel

More and more female travelers are opting for solo travel. Going on a trip alone is a chance to be independent as you will be the only person making the...

Ecotourism guide for European travel

An Ecotourism Guide for European Travel

In ASAP Tickets’ Ecotourism guide for European travel, we wanted to look into the most in-demand European destinations for US citizens and offer an alternative example of what it means...

Group tours can be enjoyed at any age

Group Tours to Europe: What Are They and Where Can I Go?

While solo travel has been trending lately, group tours are also on the rise. Why? In the aftermath of travel restrictions, people are eager to go on trips and are...

Travel the world for language immersion and improve your language skills!

Language Immersion – Where to Go to Learn

Language immersion is exactly what it sounds like — surrounding yourself with a language. Sure, learning a new language is exciting. But once you’re past the beginner phase, you may...

Going on an influencer trip offers a new perspective on travel blogging

Influencer Travel: Bloggers as Your Tour Guide

Admit it, you probably follow an Instagram travel influencer who posts from a different city every week. Ever wonder how these social media travel personalities experience their trips? Well, learning...


Sober Travel Inspiration 2023

Among the current travel trends for 2023, Sober Travel is ranked right up there. Whether it’s a personal preference or you prefer to travel sober to enjoy the clarity and...