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5 Best Beaches in the US

Can’t travel abroad at the moment but dying for a vacation on the beach? Explore more of the domestic relaxation paradise! Check these top five beaches in the US and...

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10 Tips on How to Get the Cheapest Flight Deals

Have you ever struggled to find an affordable flight ticket that fits your budget? ASAP Tickets has summarized 10 tips that can considerably increase your chances to get the cheapest...


International Beer Day: Top 5 Beer-Brewing Countries

It’s hot, it’s sunny, and now we have one more reason for you to celebrate our favorite day – International Beer Day! It gives fans worldwide another genuine reason to...

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Where to file a complaint against ASAP Tickets?

Had an experience with ASAP Tickets where expectations were not fully met? Don’t keep it to yourself—share it with us by submitting an ASAP Tickets complaint form and take a...

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New Aviation Safety Measures Related to COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly each and every aspect of our lives. And the biggest impact is seen in the travel industry. In the 21st century, international travel became a...

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International Air Travel After Lockdown: Flight Schedules

This is an ultimate guide that will keep you informed on all the latest updates from major international air carriers: flight relaunching, new schedules, routes and much more! American Airlines...