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FRANKFURT, GERMANY – Desolated Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) when borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The World in Times of COVID-19

More than a month has passed and life outside our homes remains on hold. The situation in each country varies as the restrictions in effort to control the spread of...

coronavirus and travel

Coronavirus and Travel: all you need to know and a bit more!

Airlines all across the world have canceled thousands of flights as the coronavirus pandemic spreads worldwide. The number of people traveling by plane has dropped by a whopping 96%, and...

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What is the Best Way to Book International Flights?

Flying internationally is not such a common thing for the majority of us. That’s usually a trip or two a year if you’re lucky enough, so making the whole process...

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Top 5 Best Philippines Guide Books

The Philippines is known for its hashtag #itsmorefuninthephilippines. Do you want to be part of the FUN? We have gathered 5 Philippines guide books you can use for your travel...

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Evolving Travel Trends in 2020

We all know that 2019 is long gone already (stop denying it). 2019 was a big year for travel, showing the biggest increase in international tourists arrivals in seven years....

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Top 12 Travel Blogs of 2019

We’ve hand-selected 12 of the top travel blogs 2019 for your reading pleasure. Well, grab some popcorn and settle in!  Travel bloggers often seem like gods to those who dream...