How to find a good travel agent? - ASAP Tickets travel blog

Looks easy, doesn’t it? Just, don’t forget to ask the agent to make special arrangements – seat assignment (aisle / window), special meals, pick-up at the airport, hotels, car rental, etc.

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Still thinking? Here are 10 reasons why should you use a travel agent:

  • Travel agents can hold a seat for you, while you make your decision (not possible via online booking site)
  • They will do all the work for you – flights tickets, hotels, car rental
  • Travel agents have access to much cheaper flight tickets than online booking sites
  • You can easily request special arrangements like child / group discount, vegetarian meals, windows seat, pick-up at the airport, wheelchair assistance etc
  • Travel agents are always available – before, during and after your trip
  • If you’re planning a group trip (imagine – you have to get 20 people from Miami to event in Hawaii. Finding 20 most suitable flight tickets and book them can be a real hustle)
  • If you need a really complex flight ( New York – Paris – Berlin – Bangkok – Los Angeles – New York)
  • If you’re a frequent business traveler – it’s a lot easier to get your own travel agent
  • If you’re in a rush & don’t have time to look for flights
  • If flight “hunting” and booking is simply not your thing