Nigeria Travel-Common Questions Answered

As a destination, the “Giant of Africa” is always in demand. Given its tropical climate, access to an abundance of natural wonders, and thriving diverse cities – Nigeria is an...


What Does TSA PRCHCK On Your Boarding Pass Mean?

A TSA PRCHCK “stamp” or a TSA Pre ✓ logo on your boarding pass means that you have been randomly selected by an airline to use TSA Precheck for FREE!

Are last minute flights cheaper?

If You Book Last-Minute Flights – Is It Cheaper Than Booking in Advance?

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12 Stunning Places to Travel for Your Birthday in 2021

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Ecotourism guide for European travel

An Ecotourism guide for European Travel

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AA Premium Economy – what can you expect inflight?

In this blog, AA Premium Economy – what can you expect inflight? We will look into the perks, privileges, and amenities you can expect if you upgrade to AA airline’s...