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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and can switch between English, Russian and Romanian. French, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, and even a bit of Japanese are also in my skillset. Besides, I love to fly and airplanes are my passion. As you can see, working as a travel agent was a pretty obvious choice which I never regretted. Nothing makes my day as glorious as a cup of coffee and a happy customer telling me "Thank you for your great service Brenda!"
ASAP Tickets Agent’s specialization
Group travel and multi-city flights. Her favorite destinations are Africa and Europe.
About Brenda
Brenda is an easy-going and energy-filled ASAP Tickets agents that can instantly bring a smile to your face and light up your day. The customer service she provides to travelers is impeccable and her role in the overall success of our sales team is hard to overestimate!
ASAP Tickets Travel Agents Reviews
June 26, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Brenda was knowledgeable and was able to assist me very well on my planned trip. Thanks to Brenda for all her hard work. Very much appreciated!
United States Los Angeles (LAX) → United KingdomLondon (LON)
May 16, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Brenda my agent was very helpful and most important to me patient since I was a first time client. Thank you so much Brenda.
United States Memphis (MEM) → Germany Munich (MUC)
May 8, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Brenda was awesome; she was very accommodating when my boyfriend would change dates - thank you so much Brenda for all your assistance you are truly appreciated. Superstar!!!
United States Washington (WAS) → Ghana Accra (ACC)
April 10, 2019
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Ms. Brenda is exceptional professional, courteous, and very help through out the booking process.
United States Washington (WAS) → Nigeria Lagos (LOS)
September 21, 2018
From ASAP Tickets reviews
Brenda is great to work with. You need to keep her.
Newark, US → Madrid, Spain
Thank you for your kind reviews - ASAP Tickets
Brenda strives to provide impeccable service to each and every customer and highly appreciates your positive feedback!